Roo Casino

Finding a good online casino to play at is sort of like sifting through a giant pile of dirty hoping to dig up a tiny diamond. There are literally thousands of casinos to play at today, but only some of them are worth gambling at. We decided to test out Roo casino after taking a quick look at another person's review of the site and we've been impressed by what the site has to offer for the most part. We look at game selection, banking options, mobile friendliness, promotions and more when examining this casino to paint a full picture for you.

The Games

Games are pretty darned important when choosing a casino to play at. After all, you're pretty much joining for the fun and excitement of wagering online with different games. If you join a casino with terrible games, you're going to have a terrible experience. If you join a casino with excellent games, you'll enjoy your time there. That's why it's so important to make sure the site offers a good selection. At Roo casino you get a bit of everything. Of course there are slot games to choose from, or pokies if you're an Aussie, but there are other options as well. There are table games like blackjack, poker and roulette. There are plenty of different video slots, including common options like Deuces Wild or Aces and Eights. There are also some more unique games to pick from. Spend enough time at the casino and you'll find some games that you enjoy, and you'll probably have a chance to try out something new as well.

Instant Play and Mobile Friendly

Roo casino is designed for mobile players or gamblers that don't' want to wait around. Each of the games offered by the casino is instant play and can be loaded up quickly and easily. Forget about downloading software to play the games. That's not required. Instead, just load your web browser on your laptop, your desktop or a smartphone, sign into your account and start playing. It's fast, it's easy and it's very simple for everyone. Serious gamblers will love being able to switch from one device to another, and new players will enjoy being able to play immediately.


As a new player or long-term player at Roo casino, there are promotions for you to take advantage of. We were really impressed by the total scope of promotions offered and all the free money up for grabs at this casino. As a new player at the casino it's possible to get up to $5,000 in free money during the welcome bonus period, with the first deposit coming with a hefty 200% deposit match. If that's not enough, there are other free spin bonuses and deposit match bonuses for long term players. There are free spins to be claimed on a daily basis and serious gamblers can even claim bonuses for specific games at the casino. If you're looking to stretch out your money as far as possible, the bonuses at Roo casino will make that easier than ever to do.

VIP Loyalty Benefits

As a long term gambler there is a lot to enjoy about playing at Roo casino. New players should be able to take advantage of the welcome bonuses, but after those perks wear off there is the ongoing loyalty program to fill the void. This program rewards you for gambling in a few different ways. The first and most obvious way is by rewarding you with points that can be put towards prizes. The second way is by moving you up through loyalty ranks. Ranks start off low and grow in size and benefit over time. Long term gamblers will be earning more rewards and enjoying better perks as they stick with Roo casino.

A Good Mix of Payment Methods

Roo Casino offers players a decent mix of support payment methods so they can use what's comfortable for them. If you decide to join up with the site you'll have plenty of popular options to choose from, including credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, eWallet services bank transfers and more. With so many different methods to choose from it's simple to find something that's easy to use and enjoyable at the same time. Long-term players will figure out which methods are most comfortable for them, but even new players should be able to find something they can use to complete a deposit with ease. We were really impressed with the promotions and game selection offered by Roo casino. Not only that, but the site also makes it easy to join and offers simple banking methods that most players will be comfortable with. Whether you are new to the casino or a long-term veteran, there's a lot that you can get from a bit of time at Roo casino.

New Slots from Betsoft

Online gambling is good fun when you have access to high-quality slot games and interactive casino games like the ones offered by BetSoft. At Roo Casino there are newly updated games on a regular basis. Slots like Double diamond, Triple Crown and Jumbo Joker make this casino stand out, and there are new games being added regularly for you to experience as well. Betsoft is well-known for offering interactive slots. It's a lot of fun and makes joining Roo Casino even more beneficial overall.

Casino Tournament Opportunities

Gambling at an online casino is a lot of fun, but it's even more enjoyable when you do it at a site that offers casino tournaments like Roo Casino. Casino tournaments put you face-to-face with high-quality slots and other casino games but has you play against other players. In these tournaments, you play the games like you always would, but you are part of a tournament top players leaderboard. The best players make it up to the top of the leaderboard due to their scores. If you do really well, you'll top the board and end up enjoying a generous tournament prize payout at the end. These tournaments are occurring on a daily and weekly basis and add a bit more excitement to standard casino game fun.

Excellent BetSoft Software

BetSoft is one of the top software providers for casinos from around the world and the company just happens to be the provider for Roo Casino as well. BetSoft is known for producing games with real character and for offering gamblers exciting features. The company makes top-tier slots and a good blend of classic and modern video slot games. The features offered by BetSoft make the games exciting to play and all of that helps to enhance the experience of playing at Roo Casino as well.

Many Countries Aren't Accepted

Roo Casino has a long list of countries that it won't accept players from. Canada and much of Europe are included in the list of countries that don't have access to the casino. That means that gamblers from those parts of the world will have to look at one of the many other options instead. Players from the United States and Australia can feel free to sign up to the casino and to start wagering almost immediately. Both countries are heartily welcomed.

Gambling for Free at Roo Casino is It Real?

When most people talk about online gambling they assume that it takes real money to make it happen. That's not the case at Roo Casino. It's possible to wager and to play the different games offered on the site without ever using real money. That's because many of the games are designed to load and to play with play money. That means gamblers can load the games and test them out without losing any real money in the process. This helpful feature makes it simple to test out the whole casino and to see whether it's a good option to play at over the long-term or not.

Switching to Real Money Wagering

When play money wagering gets dull it's simple to switch to wagering with real money at Roo Casino. Simply go through the registration process s to create a new account. Once an account is made gamblers can fund their account and start playing in minutes. After the account is funded, sign in and start wagering using real money at one of the many different casino games. There are many games to pick from, and wagering online is simple to do. For gamblers interested in that sort of thing it only takes an hour or so to start playing for real money and sometimes less than that depending on the chosen payment method.

Excellent Bonus Payouts

Players at Roo Casino can walk away with thousands in welcome bonus funds when used properly. That's because there are bonuses across several initial deposits in to the casino. Even after going through those first deposit bonus offers there are follow-up bonuses available as well that can be unlocked easily. Gamblers that want to keep getting additional bonus funds should pay attention to the ongoing bonus offers and make use of them whenever possible for huge savings over time.

Online and Mobile Support

There is an online platform for Roo Casino, making it quick and accessible to most players that use the site. It's easy to start wagering in an online lobby and to load up the different games right in a a web browser. The site works about the same on a mobile device as well with a nice clean set of options to choose from. Whether you prefer wagering on a tablet or smartphone, or you want to swap from one device to another, the support at Roo Casino is excellent for players that like to swap from one device to another. This makes gambling on the site more convenient and makes it simple for players to wager in more locations than they used to be able to.

Roo Casino Reviews And Start Playing Before Registering

Registering for an account is necessary to play for real money at Roo Casino. With that said, it is possible to start testing out some of the games on the site without registering if you don't mind gambling with play money. To do this, simply visit the site, click on a game to play and it will load in the web browser. As long as you have a modern web browser this method can be used to test out many different games offered at the site. Of course no real money can be won with this method, but it's still a fun way to get started.

A Generous Affiliate Program

Members of Roo Casino that are interested in representing the brand and trying to get new players to join should consider becoming Astral Bet affiliates. The affiliate program offers marketers a chance to try and draw in new players and to earn up to 50% commission overall. That's an opportunity to earn major profits and it's certainly a good reason to join the program and start using it as well.

No Support for Sports Betting

Sports betting isn't a feature that's offered at Roo Casino. That doesn't mean that gamblers can't place wagers on popular sports events while also enjoying the features at Roo Casino, it just means they will have to be members of multiple platforms if they want to be able to do both of those things. The site offers excellent casino services and a good blend of games to choose from. It lacks any bookmakers and sports betting capabilities though.

No Blog or Forum for Information

Even though Roo Casino lacks a blog and doesn't have its own forum either, there are still ways for gamblers to find out what is going on on the site. That's because the home page is updated frequently with new information. Gamblers that would like to know what promotions are going to be offered can learn mall about them on the site just by visiting the home page and seeing how it changes with time. New updates are put up on the page, serving as a useful news tool.

No Live Dealer Options

Even though Roo Casino offers a good solid selection of different slots and table games, there currently aren't any live dealer games to choose from. For some gamblers that's a deal-breaker, while others won't miss the live dealer games in the least. It's up to you to decide how much you value live dealer games and the realistic wagering experience that they offer you.

No Cryptocurrency Options

Some online casinos accept cryptocurrency payments, but Roo Casino isn't one of them just yet. That means that gamblers that prefer cryptocurrency will have to look at other sites to join if they must use something like Bitcoin to make their initial deposit. For players that are flexible enough to make use of other payment options there are several different supported payment methods available at Roo Casino other than Bitcoin and other crypto options.

Excellent Support

Good customer support is key when trying to have fun at an online casino. There are always going to be moments when you need help, no matter how laid out and designed a casino is. In these moments it's nice to have a support team that you can rely on. At Roo Casino you can talk with that team using the Live Chat tool that will connect you with someone in mere minutes. There's also email support if you want access to the support team but aren't in a huge hurry to hear back immediately. Before relying on any of those methods it makes sense to read through the FAQ section real quick to see if you can find the answer there if your question is simple.