Promotions and bonuses are often offered at online casinos and many gamblers use them to decide where they want to play. Roo casino offers a good selection of promotions to pick and choose from, for both new and long-term players. There is a valuable welcome bonus, along with a good selection of ongoing bonuses and loyalty rewards to choose from.

A Potent Welcome Bonus

Members that join Roo casino have an opportunity to get as much as $5,000 in free money to use for the game of their choosing. The welcome bonus is a deposit match bonus offered with a 200% match, which means that with just $2,500 worth of deposits into the casino you can unlock $5,000 in free money and have a total of $7,500 to play with. That's plenty of money to work with and will make it easy to win better prizes and to gamble for longer as well.

Ongoing Bonus Offers

While gambling at Roo casino there are a handful of different promotions for you to make use of. There are free spin bonuses offered on a daily basis as well as several different deposit bonuses that you can make use of each time you put more money into your account. While most of these bonuses and promotions can't match the same level of free money offered by the welcome bonus at Roo casino, they keep things interesting and reward you for coming back to play again and again. Some of the bonuses are promotional, while others are long-term rewards that you can use again and again while playing at the site.

Unlocking the Free Money

Each promotion comes with a set of conditions that gamblers need to meet in order to unlock the free money. It's easy to find out what conditions the promotions come with by clicking on More Info. Do that and you'll quickly see that many come with minimum and maximum deposit requirements as well as play-through requirements that demand a certain level of gambling before the payouts unlock. Get familiar with the requirements and keep them in mind when playing at Roo casino so that you maximize your free bonuses and special offers along the way.

Roo Rewards

Long term gamblers can become part of the Roo Rewards VIP system to make sure they're getting as much value from their interactions with the casino as possible. From the moment that you get started playing at the site you'll be a bronze member in the rewards system with a good chance to move up from there. As you play games you'll unlock new levels of the rewards program going from Bronze to Silver to Gold and finally to Platinum. Not only will you move up levels in the rewards system, but as you do you'll earn rewards points more quickly. Each time you build up 500 points they can be turned in for $5.00 in bonus funds and that money can be used for any of the games at the casino.

There are many different promotions and reward opportunities at Roo casino for you to make use of. Whether you are a brand-new member of the casino, or you are a long-term gambler you can unlock free money and then use it to improve your play experience the entire time that you're at Roo casino.