Book of Darkness Slots

Travel to an ancient temple in the middle of the night to fight off the forces of darkness in Book of Darkness. This mysterious slot features heroes, an evil book, and some cool bonus features. It's one of the unique games in terms of its theme that we've seen in quite some time, and we like that about it. We decided to review this game because we heard good things about it from other gamblers. Follow along and see if the bonuses and unique features are really good enough to make this game worth playing for you.

BetSoft Made This Game

BetSoft is a big name in the gambling industry. It's a major slot development company and one of the biggest resources to turn to if you're looking for gambling fun. The company has a huge list of games in its library, and it's certainly something you should look into. This slot was developed by BetSoft, so any casino that offers it will have a large selection of quality games to choose from.

A Dynamic Video Slot

Book of Darkness is a thrilling video slot with stretched wilds, special bonus rounds, unique heroes, and more. The game is more exciting than a classic slot can be, and it still offers most of the features of your everyday progressive jackpot slot, minus the big jackpot itself.

A Dark and Ominous Theme

The slot is set in a dark temple and has a mysterious theme about it. Add in the crystals, magical potions, daggers, gems, and hero symbols, and things get even more intriguing. We like the gloomy feel of this game and can't help but to be drawn in by its style. It's one of the reasons we did the review in the first place.

10 Fixed Paylines

This slot has ten paylines that are always activated. Any wager you make will be across all those lines, which means you must pay 10x the coin value to spin. This makes wagering simple but also limits the options you have to work with. You can only change the coin value, and that's it to change your total wager amount.

Limited Wagering Options

This slot has ten fixed paylines, which means you'll be wagering ten coins for every spin you make. Coin values can be changed from a low of $0.01 to a high of $1.00. That gives you a wagering range of $0.10 to $10.00 per spin. Most gamblers will be okay with this range, but some higher limit players will be disappointed by the upper-limit of this slot. There are also limited wager amount adjustments you can use, which makes it difficult to set your wager in the middle of those amounts with precision.

An Intelligent Autoplay

The game comes with autoplay functionality, so you can set the slot to turn the reels for you. Press the button, choose between 5 and 100 spins, set the spin value, and let the game do the work for you. The slot tells you the total cost of the feature if you don't win anything during all your spins, which makes it easy to decide how many spins you want to go through.

A Lean Paytable

This slot has a low-paying paytable when compared to other games. The prize payouts max out at $250.00, which isn't much at all when you think about it. With that said, you can still win a great deal while playing the game; you need the special features to make it possible, though. Standard rounds aren't as exciting as they could be because of the lower prize values. This will be an issue for some gamblers, but others won't care as long as they're getting frequent wins and unlocking exciting features.

Turn on Autoplay

Autoplay can be turned on using a single button. The feature spins the reels for you automatically. Adjust the settings to go for between 5 and 100 spins, and also to determine what the wager value is for those spins. This feature is easy to use, and it's useful for players that don't want to keep pressing spin themselves. If you're going to play through extended sessions of this game, you may be able to appreciate this feature.

Book Free Spins

Three or more book symbols trigger the free spin round in this game. During the round, select symbols expand to cover the entire reel for more winning possibilities. You'll unlock somewhere between 10 and 20 free spins depending on the number of books that trigger the round. No matter what number of spins you have, you can win some big prize payouts during this special round.

The Clash for Power Bonus

Line up the hero and book symbols across three reels, and you'll trigger this bonus feature. During the round, the two heroes battle, and if your selected hero wins, you'll go into a powerful free spin round. You'll either get ten spins with a 5x multiplier or ten spins with select symbols that stack up to five high on a reel. Either way, this bonus feature is the best part of the game and what you'll be playing for each time you get on.

Demo Book of Darkness for Free

If you're interested in this slot game at all, you can demo it for free by loading it in Demo mode. Every casino that has this slot will offer the Demo version. Choose the option when you go to play, and you can experience it for free. All the features work the same, and you get a feel for the game without risking any of your own money in the process. It's an exciting way to get familiar with this slot game, and it's something you can test out even if you don't have much money to wager with.

Experience the Thrill of REal Money Gambling

This slot is exciting to play with real money, and it's designed to keep gamblers interested. The special features, good prizes, and nice symbols all keep you wanting to enjoy one spin after another. To play with real money, use an active account with a balance, and select the standard version of this slot game. Once you do that, you'll be ready to start wagering and enjoying all the features that this slot has to offer you. Just be sure you set your wager amount at a comfortable level.

Big Wins are Possible

The maximum payout you can uncover from this slot game is $25,600 on a single spin, but it's possible to win even more through a combination of wins during a free spin round or a lucky streak. Some lucky players walk away with huge wins, and it's these potential wins that make this slot so rewarding and so exciting.

An Excellent RTP

RTP is the same as (return to player), and is the amount of money that a slot game pays out in comparison to how much it takes in. With an RTP of 96.48%, this game is an excellent value for a fun slot. The gamblers that look at return rates will be excited about this one and will want to test the game out for themselves for sure.

Take the Game to Mobile

Mobile gambling is modern, and more and more players are switching to only using mobile devices. If you're interested in gambling on a smartphone or a tablet, or you like the idea of being able to swap between your devices when you want, you can do all of that on this slot. It's mobile-optimized, it runs smooth, and you don't need software to use it.

Our Rating

After fully testing this game, we gave it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars as a final rating. That's a decent rating, and the game mostly lost points because of its low prize payouts and limited wagering options. Other than those minor issues, the slot is entertaining and generous with the number of prizes wins it allows.

Book of Darkness is a spooky mystery of a slot game, and we recommend it to players that are happy with the wagering limits and that want access to fun bonus features. Of course, this game isn't perfect, and some gamblers won't like it. We think most will have a good time with it, though.