Dim Sum Prize Slots

Dim Sum Prize is an exciting slot game that's all about good food and simple fun. The symbols aren't flashy, but they are well made. We felt like this game was mysterious and wanted to get to the bottom of all its features. Read on through our review and see the good and bad about this game.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This is one of the hundreds of slot games made by BetSoft. The slot is well made and designed for maximum fun. It's nice to look at and features a few simple features for entertainment purposes. It's a true BetSoft creation.

A Chinese Kitchen

This slot transports you into a delicious Chinese kitchen where food is being prepared for paying customers. Look at all the delicious food items and try to get some wins as you play.

Made for Easy Gambling

With few buttons and just a simple gauge to raise and lower the wager value, this slot is easy to play and perfect for new gamblers. Test it yourself, and you'll see how fast you can start playing the game without confusion.

A Simple Video Slot

This game is a video slot, but it doesn't have many advanced features. Most of the time, it feels like a basic slot game, and only occasionally will you get to enjoy free spins or other special features that make things more interesting. New gamblers will enjoy the simplicity of this game, though.

10 Locked Paylines

There are ten paylines, and they are always activated. Each of your wagers is on all the lines, and that means you have ten chances to win with each spin. Wins don't come frequently for this reason, but you can spin for cheap and keep the fun going for a long time.

A Small Betting Range

There are ten paylines, and you must wager on all of them. The minimum wager amount is just $0.05 per spin and good enough for most low-stakes gamblers. The maximum wager amount is where things begin to fall short. With a maximum bet of just $22.50 per spin, many players will be disappointed with their options. The intervals that the wager values change at is large as well, which means you may struggle to set the wager value to an amount you are comfortable with if you want to wager somewhere in the middle.

Smaller Wins

Prize wins are smaller in this slot, but you can get a few decent wins if you get the right combination of symbols. All the symbols in this game are different food dishes you would get from a Chinese restaurant. The right symbols are worth hundreds of dollars, which isn't much compared to the big wins other slots offer. You can win thousands of dollars and more if you get a combination of different symbols, but these wins are difficult to achieve.

Bamboo Baskets Transform

Any bamboo basket symbols that show on the reels can change into crimson coupons to help you trigger the bonus round. Watch for these special symbols because they will increase the value of your symbols and can lead to some bonuses or other wins as you play.

Crimson Coupon Free Spins

With three or more of the coupon symbols, you'll trigger the free spin bonus. In this bonus round, you get five free spins with sticky wilds taking the places where the coupon symbols once were. With at least three wilds locked in place throughout your spins, you are likely to get a few good wins. Anytime another wild symbol shows itself; it gives you an additional free spin to keep the fun going longer.

Sticky Teatime Wilds

Teatime wild symbols can appear at any time you play this game. These special symbols always stick in position and give you a single respin. It's possible to get up to 9 re-spins from these symbols all in one turn if you're lucky enough. Each time another one of these wilds appears, the re-spin feature continues, and you get the wilds stacked up to help you win even more.

An Excellent Value

This slot game stands out in terms of value because more than 97% of the money it takes in is given back out in the form of prize payouts. That's a lot of money going straight back toward gamblers, which means that players get loads of wins while playing this game. If you want a good value game, take the time to try this one out.

Small Wins Possible

It's possible to win thousands of dollars from a single spin, but the maximum wins from this slot are much smaller than what you can get from other games online. With that said, wins occur frequently, and this game is still a good value to play as long as you don't want to get rich from one round.

Enjoy Free Play

There's no need to spend money just to have fun with this game. You can run it in Demo mode whenever you like and play it with all its features for free. This mode is accessible to everyone and is a way to learn the game or to just keep playing when your bankroll is low.

Play with Cash for Real Wins

The gamblers that want the biggest thrill from this game will play using their own money. You can activate the game by pressing a single button, and once you do, you can start wagering immediately. Real money mode is exciting, and it's simple to get started as well. Once you start you, have a good chance of getting some good wins, and you could walk away with much more than you started with if you're lucky.

You Can Play on Mobile

Not everyone will use the feature, but it's good to know that mobile play is available for this slot game. It works on most Android and iOS devices, and no app is necessary to play either. That means you can start playing fast, and you can use whatever device you want. If you don't like sitting in front of a computer, or you don't have a computer, you can still enjoy this game.

Dim Sum is an entertaining slot game that takes you right into a Chinese kitchen for some good cooking. The game pays lower prizes, but it has enough features and styling that will make you want to stick around for more.