Double Diamond Slots

Double Diamond Slots is designed to look like an old-school slot. As a slot, you would have seen your favorite television character play on their fictional trip to viva las vegas. It gets to the point but in a high-tech sort of way. This comes with loud sound effects and excellent bonus features to keep you on the edge of the seat, whether you are playing it on a desktop computer or your mobile phone, you can have your slot machine in the palm of your hands or the comfort of your own home. Often, the high-tech slots are designed to be themed and close to resembling the constantly innovative and well-developed, graphics-based slots that many are drawn to in this modern time. Not everyone wants this though, some prefer the classic slot design to transport the user back to the 1980s, which slots were very high tech and we all had to travel to experience them. This game's classic style will draw in many fans of the old-school slots, who want it simple.

Diamond Double Virtual Slot Machine

Now, without a doubt, this is supposed to be similar to a physical slot machine. The wins aren't complicated, they are quite simple. Most games now a das come with tumbling symbols, bonus rounds, and five reels. This isn't like that, this game will maybe be preferred by the older crowd who especially is likely to be playing their slots virtually rather in person in these modern times. You only get three reels in this game, and just one pay line. This game is by the software provider company IGT, which is a reliable and fun company that usually caters to high rollers compared to companies like RealTime Gaming software, another reliable virtual slot company. The symbols in this game include all the classics, cherries, red sevens, bars, and the double diamond which acts a wild on the pay line. This wild is extremely rewarding if you can trigger three of them after one spin, and gives you 1,000 times your bet. The winning is very simple, you get two times your bet with one cherry on any reel, five times with two on any reel, plus ten times with three cherries. For all these symbols, you'll need to trigger three of the same to win. The diamond dozen is the most valuable of course, but the red seven gives you 80 times your bet, the purple triple bar gives you 40 times your bet, the pink double bar is 25 times your initial bet, the turquoise single bar is 10 times your bet, and the combination of bars is 5 times your bet. You can also make a line of three symbols with one wild double diamond symbol, which doubles the payout on your line. You can also make a line with two Double Diamond symbols and get x4 your average payout.

Mobile or Desktop

First off, this game is played easily on any device. I played this game using my laptop, but I did try to play it on my mobile phone while I made a short trip to the corner store, and it looks great on there as well. There were no glitches or bugs, and once again they prove themselves to be a reliable software provider. Honestly, I might prefer this simple design to some of the other more modern versions of slot games, but that could just be me. I like this slot is so straightforward and includes the classic symbols you always hear about, like the lucky 7s and the cherries featured on countless slots. While this game isn't unique, it's fun and easy. You can also play this game for free to get a feel of how often you'll win, how much you want to risk, and whether or not it's worth your time.

How To Win On This Simple Game

With how simple this slot is, your strategy doesn't need to be entirely too complicated. Manage your money well and you should get a lot out of this slot. This game can improve your wallet. While it might be unlucky during your first few spins because let's are honest the chance of triggering a total three symbol win is probably low, you can do a lot with this three-reel slot by betting on the lower side at first, and getting more spins for your money, and have more fun while playing this simple and classic game. This game includes an auto spin feature, and you can program it to go continuously for 10 to up to 50 spins. I'm personally a low better who is impatient, so I would likely bet low and auto-spin, and observe how the pattern plays out. The manual spin button is more for those who like to study each spin and is more beneficial for those who want to bet on the more generous side. Remember, no slot guarantees a win, but this will be very attractive to those who are familiar with slots and genuinely find them entertaining. You should probably start out betting low, and see the pattern and how the wins are playing out, if it feels like it's going well, increase your bet. It's pretty simple and that's how I would prefer to play it. Remember slots are about patience, and you don't want to ruin your experience by rushing in and losing all your money immediately, so make sure to think it out.

Bet Options, Reels, and More

So, did I like this game? It was fine, I usually prefer slots with jackpots - but this is a good game if you want to play slots in the most traditional, stripped down, and to the point way. The diamond was cute - I like the subtle pinkish-purple graphics. This game has a low maximum bet of 15 dollars, which is not necessarily because the coin size is any different from any game IGT usually puts out but is because of the fact there is only one line and three reels. The best options include $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $2.00, $0.02. I do wonder what a classically designed slot with more lines would be like, but maybe because of the simple design of this low-paying low-paying slot, this is probably the best way to put this game out.

Cherries, 7s and More, Is This Game Worth It?

As someone who has played countless slots, I would say this game is most valuable to older players. Players that don't want to play on 5 lines with distracting graphics, I can see how older gambling pros who love this so much might find some of those slots childish or annoying. Some of them don't want to waste time reading the rules to figure out what is the wild or play any elaborate bonus games with other confusing features. This is also perfect for low rollers - people who don't have much to lose. In the history of slots - they're usually for lower rollers, they are often nicknamed penny slots for a reason and that's what you expect. Some older fans might be confused by the more high-tech boards and end up betting more than they wanted to, the great thing about this game is it's virtually impossible to lose out on more than 15 bucks per game.