Journey to the West Slots

Journey to the West is an Asian-themed slot about exploring. It's about ancient warriors, natural beauty, and culture. The game is nice to look at, it comes with cool features, and we just knew we had to explore it further. No, this slot isn't perfect, and you might not like it. You'll never know if you don't test it, or at least take a look at our review of the game. Keep reading and learn the good and bad about this game.

Crafted By BetSoft

This is a modern slot from BetSoft, one of the biggest slot development companies around today. With hundreds of titles in their library, there is always a different game to try when you play this game. Sign up to a BetSoft casino, and you'll have lots of variety to enjoy.

A Modern Video Slot

This slot game comes with moving wilds, bonus rounds, and some exciting jackpots as well. It's an enjoyable game and a dynamic one as well. Gamblers that are searching for something more exciting than classic slots can have a good time with this game.

Asian Warriors

Journey to the West is an Asian-themed slot game that's about ancient warriors. It's cool to look at and brings you out to mountains with waterfalls, and showcases a staff-wielding warrior as well as dragons, monks, and more.

25 Fixed Payllines

There are 25 paylines for you to wager on and to win on. All those lines must be active for every spin. With all those active lines, it's easy to get wins, and payouts frequently occur while playing this game.

Enjoy Some Wagering Flexibility

Between the minimum and maximum wager limits, there is a lot of room to adjust your bet values. It's important to note that the wager values move up and down in big jumps, so you may have to compromise a bit when it comes to the actual amount of money you wager while playing this slot.

Utilizing the Autoplay Function

To all the gamblers that care about this sort of thing, we were happy to see that this game includes an autoplay button. This simple function is activated by pressing the button, selecting a spin count and value, and pressing start. You can set it to between 5 and 100, and the slot takes it from there. Turn this function on and let the game do all the work for you.

Low Value Pays

When you look at the potential prize wins in this slot, you'll immediately be bored out of your mind. That's because the biggest win is just 888 coins, and that's not much at all compared to other slot games. What you won't realize is that the moving wilds and high line count gives you good chances of winning regularly and that you're going to get these little wins all the time. You'll be turning out wins with many of your spins, and the game is actually a decent value when you think about it this way.

Wandering Wilds

Wild symbols move around the reels of this game and increase your chances of getting wins. Whenever wilds show up on the reels of this game, you have a better chance of winning, and with them jumping all over the place, you'll enjoy multiple opportunities with each wild to get on the reels.

Advanced Free Spins

Get three of the scatter symbols, and you'll trigger the special free spin round from this slot game. In this bonus round, you get to spin free while enjoying one of three different bonuses. The Pig bonus comes with wilds that expand up and down to cover reels and give you lots of chances to create winning combos. The Monkey King feature transforms standard wilds into sticky symbols that lock in place during the spins. Finally, the Snow Leopard feature gives you a 5x multiplier on every win you achieve during the bonus round. How's that for a big winning opportunity?

Play Free

This game is made to run for free, and you can demo it if you're interested in the different features or how it feels to play. Load it in your web browser and try this slot on different devices to get used to it. Demo mode offers players a play balance of money, and it's a useful tool for players to get comfortable before they wager with real cash.

Switch to Real Money

There's nothing like the thrill of wagering with your own money and playing for real prizes. The payouts from this slot can be great, and getting started with real money bets is simple to do. Select the game in normal mode and choose your wager amount. From there, you'll be betting your casino balance on the slot. Just be sure you're a member of a BetSoft casino, and you already have a real money balance. If you don't, you'll have to complete your first deposit before playing this slot the way it was intended.

Big Wins Do Happen

It's important to remember that it's possible to get some massive wins from this slot game, and many gamblers do. If you keep spinning the reels, you can get some truly inspiring prize wins as a result of your efforts. Not everyone does, but through chains of big wins and help from the moving wilds or the free spins, you could be the next big winner while playing this slot game.

A Reliable Value

This slot game is a decent value when you consider your chances of winning money while playing. The slot pays out most of the money it takes in as prizes. That means you always have an opportunity to increase your bankroll when you play here, and it really isn't that difficult to do either! Keep spinning, and with enough luck, you could get a big win or a big chain of wins.

Rating this Game

We made a choice to rate this game a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars after playing through hundreds of rounds. We like the moving wilds feature, and the free spins trigger often enough to give you lots of winning opportunities when you play. This game is fast-paced and certainly something that many players will enjoy using.

Take it on Mobile

There's nothing quite like enjoying some of your favorite slot games on a mobile device wherever you want to. That freedom is available to you when you play this game, and it's something that you can really benefit from if you want to use your different devices. The game runs flawlessly on Android and iOS devices, and it can be played anywhere you like with an internet connection. The game doesn't require software to run and runs smoothly after seconds for most players.

Journey to the West is a newer slot release from BetSoft, and it's an entertaining one as well. It's not for players that want massive win potential on normal spins, but if you're patient enough, you could still get a massive win from this slot, and other players already have. Eep spinning, enjoy the special features of the game, and have a good time while exploring this slot. Who knows, it could end up being one of your favorites.