Kitty Glitter Slots

From the moment I opened the Kitty Glitter page, and such a fluffy white cat, loading on a royal purple background I knew this slot was for me! I'm a cat lover and a total cat person. I'm also totally a glitter person, so I was instantly drawn to this cat-tastic slot. Once you surpass the promising loading screen, get ready for a cat and glitter-themed paradise game. This is the kind of slot I wish I had a physical version of it - but the mobile-enabled and desktop version seems great as well. I'm still getting comfortable and familiar with how IGT runs their slots, but I am not disappointed by them thus far.

Kitty Glitter Slot Grid Buttons, Audio, Operation, and Betting Options

You are immediately greeted by several cute kittens - of all breeds, colors, and sizes. This board is displayed on a sparkly red background - somewhat resembling a carpet. This is a five by three grid with a traditional and easy-to-use board design. Your balance, bet, and wins are displayed in a blue window on the top of the board, somewhat towards the left side. On the right side of the top board are the payable, game rules, and audio options. Speaking of audio - I loved the music! It was jazzy music with every spin, and for some reason, that seemed to fit the fancy cat aesthetic of this board. I can't explain why just know it was perfect. The paytable opens to a window that will give you easy instructions on the value of each symbol within this board, and the game rules section is short, sweet, and well explained for those who might not be familiar with this particular board. Now, head to the bottom of the board for the important buttons.

Total Betting

On the left side of the grid is a little gear-looking button which opens to show every bet option - very clearly too. The best options are so wide you can bet anywhere from 0.30 coins to 300 coins. You can also navigate from that screen to a screen that displays all your auto spin options! You can auto spin 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 times before the Kitty Glitter game will just stop. Finally, you can also use this button to turn the sound on or off. I recommend keeping the sound on, however - the music is catchy, exciting, and far from unpleasant, which I can't say for every board I've played. I only comment on the sound of the board if I find it pleasant or if it adds to the atmosphere. You can also easily adjust your total bet using the golden plus or minus arrow on the left and right sides of this mini window. Your win section is available in the middle window on the bottom and your total balance is available on the window on the right. On the furthermost right is a spin and auto-spin button, with the auto-spin being the smaller arrow circle and the manual spin being the larger one. It has luxurious details of gold and red which I loved and I thought was fitting for the theme!

Symbolism and Grid Design

Each cat on the grid is a different beloved breed - a tabby cat, a siamese cat, a Persian cat, kitty glitter, calico cat, a bowl of diamonds plus the classic poker symbols, J (jack) 10 A (ace) K (king) Q (queen) and 9. The board is purplish-blue and the art of each cat resembles watercolor paintings. The Maximum betting on this board is a total of 3000$ dollars, making this board perfect for high rollers - at least high rollers by virtual video slot standards. This is a wide-ranging sort of board! Honestly, most virtual slots seem to let you bet very little, but not all of them let you bet so high.

Wilds and Scatters

The most important thing to know while playing this game is what is the scatter and the wild symbol. For this board, the Kitty Glitter logo is wild and can substitute for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. This wild Kitty Glitter logo can only be triggered on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. I think this gives you pretty good odds. The bonus diamond is the scatter symbol! To activate the free spins bonus, you'll need to trigger this. It appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4. You won't be able to trigger more than three scatters, but the Free Spins Features are great!

The Free Spins Feature

The most rewarding feature within this kitty glitter paradise is the free spins feature. While the free spins require a certain amount of luck, they can bring massive awards when you reach this feature. Once you trigger three scatters, it'll automatically send you into the Free Spin bonus round. You'll start with 15 free spins, but can be re-triggered continuously should you trigger three more scatters during these free spin rounds, and so forth until you run out of luck and can't trigger any more free spins. The bonus rounds will also change the symbols that appear within the reels and will include higher-paying cats and less of the lower-paying poker symbols. In these rounds, an additional diamond scatter might appear on the fifth reel during the free spin, and in this case, the scatter acts as a wild for this round. Each diamond is added to the collection at the bottom of the reels. If you get three of these diamonds, the White Persian cat is transformed into a wild on every reel except the first one! I thought this was a unique bonus game for this reason. Remember, Kitty Glitter slots don't operate as a wild on the first reel. When you are lucky enough to trigger a total of six diamonds, the tabby cat becomes wild! And if you can keep this streak going, the calico will turn into a wild for nine diamonds, and the last Siamese cat will turn into a wild at twelve. Once you activate these diamonds, the cats will remain wild for the remainder of your free spin rounds. Extra wilds mean extra values and extra winnings.


Kitty Glitter has many features that make this game worthwhile - everything from the great music to the adorable theme appealing to cat lovers! You can bet big on this reel, which is exciting for high rollers who can't get out to their regular casino and are forced to gamble from the safety and comfort of their own home. You can play this game as a low roller too - don't get me wrong, and you can still activate the generous bonus round, but you might get more bang for your buck if you're a high roller. The fact you can transform every cat on the board to a wild while continuously re-triggering 15 spin bonus rounds is game programming excellence, and I would play this slot again over others. I loved everything about it, and thought it was pretty unique as far as video slots go. If you can just get to the free spins round - it's definitely worth it compared to other slots.