Trinity Reels Slots

If your favorite type of slots are those that are slightly dark and mysterious, then I have got the perfect slot for you. This one is called Trinity Reels Slots, and as you can probably guess from the ever so slightly spooky title, this slot game has got a pretty dark theme. The reels are set in a pretty dark background, with major gothic vibes going on. In terms of design, it is pretty simple, but you know what? Sometimes that is exactly what we need. There are plenty of slots out there that have got the highest quality graphics, but sometimes we crave something pretty simple. If that's what you're after, then you have to check out this slot, trust me! Keep on reading if you're interested in finding out more, because it truly is a wonderful slot to have a go at.

General information regarding the Trinity Reels Slots

The first thing I must say about the Trinity Reels Slots is that it has been introduced to us by Betsoft. These guys are pretty epic in every single term. They develop unreal video slots with epic features all of the time, so the fact that Trinity Reels Slots is brought to us by them already says a lot. In the slot, you're going to find 6 reels and 3 rows. There is a whopping amount of paylines, coming in at 177174. I truly can't believe this figure you guys, it's wonderful! It opens up so many opportunities to win bigger than ever before. Their RTP is also pretty great, coming in at 95.96%. It is ever so slightly under the national average of 96%, but that doesn't matter because it definitely makes up for it in other ways. Some of these other ways include the hit frequency, which comes in at 20.03%. This is a pretty high figure, which is great. The maximum amount that you can win here is 15127x the bet, which is again, you guessed it - an awesome figure. The volatility of the game is considered to be high. The minimum amount that you can bet is 0.2 euros, and the maximum is 90 euros.

Other features and the conclusion

Some of the need to know features to look out for in the Trinity Reels Slots include the likes of the wild symbol, split symbols, mystery symbols, scatter symbols, wild boosts, split boosts, multi boosts, free spins and bonus buys. There are countless amounts of reasons to play at the Trinity Reels Slots, so check it out today and see what you can accomplish with it!