Wild Wolf Slots

Imagine, you are living within the wilderness, far from society's expectations of who you are, what you look like, how much money you make, and more. You are living on the wildland, and have a close and intimate relationship with the land itself, which many folks in this modern age have completely disconnected from. You are yourself as a wild animal and are in a spiritual relationship with the forces of nature. This game will put you into a mysterious winter forest on an unknown landscape. Within the background on this grid are several distant mountains, tall and covered with snow and bundles of pine trees. It's evident this is supposed to be in North America, perhaps somewhere in the artic and cold midwestern landscape that many native tribes operated within and on for years before colonization. There's also fresh water in the background, expanding outwards in a beautiful reflective pool, plus pink aurora borealis cascading through a starry sky over the mountain range. The graphics for this slot offers the player serenity, calm, and beauty. The music and sound effects feature your traditional coin sounds, plus epic and exciting soft drum music, playing triplets and orchestral string crescendos in the background of this cinematic, gorgeous and spiritual environment.

Appearance, Gameplay, and More

The board in itself has no actual grid in this version I'm playing. This game is brought to you by the IGT software provider, who makes plenty of high roller slots that usually offer great themes and fun for its users. Most customizable game options are available on the top right corner of the screen available in smaller button form. Here you can change things in a plethora of ways, this includes speeding up the spins on your board, a button that pulls up a table that explains the value of each symbol in great detail. There's another button that explains the basic rules of the game, plus a button to expand the screen and a button to increase or decrease the volume. The other important option buttons are located down towards the bottom of the screen. Towards the left side is a button to change the coin bet, plus a short cut button to max bet, which goes back to what I said about IGT is a software company that usually caters to the higher rollers of the virtual slot world. Towards the right side of the screen are the auto-spin button and the manual spin. I noticed the auto spin is really fast, and I prefer the manual spin for this particular game.

Symbolism, Grid, and More

This game has a beautiful and majestic quality, and as you could guess it's called the Wild Wolf slot, this is focused primarily on wolves and other natural animals that occur in the artic or colder parts of nature. The symbol art itself is just as beautiful as any other art of beautiful wolves you'd find online, comparable to those quote photos or even desktop wallpapers. The artist is just as talented as many others doing art one might consider more "important than a virtual slot game. There are several different versions of this game, showing this must be a tried and true theme that's proven successful time and time again. Wild wolf is about wolves, wolves howling, standing upfront full moons howling to the sky and singing the song of the lone wolf, and more. This game has 50 pay lines and a traditional five-reel grid. As I mentioned IGT usually caters to higher rollers, but they don't discriminate against low rollers either. The bets range per line is anywhere includes $0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $0.05, $0.01, $2.00. The maximum bet for this machine is $1250. The symbols on this board include a totem pole, a wolf howling at the moon, a dream catcher, a wolf, and Q (queen) K (king) A (ace), and J (jack) plus 9, and 10. This interface is so well designed and the symbols of this game are gorgeous, and I loved this theme.

Basics On Winning

To trigger wins you'll need to trigger several identical symbols. All the wins in this game are on select lines except for the scatter symbols. These wins are only counted from left to right, again, except for the scatters. The scatter symbols do play in any position on the screen and the wolf wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except the scatters. This wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except the scatters! Three or more scatter sun symbols will trigger 15 free games, during these free games all of your wins are generously doubled on the active lines you are currently playing during that time. You can re-trigger more free games during the free rounds. The highest win is paid per line, the wins on different pay lines are added. Scattered wins are added to the line wins, and line wins are multiplied by credit bet per line. Scatter wins will be multiplied by the total bet.

Would I Play This Game Again?

I think people who love cultural heavy slots will enjoy this - as this is based primarily on the Native American Shamanic culture which is very intertwined with nature, the outdoors, spiritual journeying, and ancient culture. Now, ancient cultural slots are far from far-fetched, anyone who has played the Egyptian, Chinese, Incan, or even roman themed slots knows that this is truly a successful slot concept. We all love to dive into exotic cultures with exotic spiritual concepts, such as the wolf as a spiritual guide. Some do believe in totem animals - even I do, which is one of the reasons I loved this slot. One thing I found absolutely great about this slot as I often find IGT is the betting range - I would be more of a low roller if I decided to frequently play these sorts of games, but it doesn't isolate me in any way. If you aren't a low roller, this slot lets you bet a large amount per game! Now, in terms of the question of would I play this again is conclusive, I probably would, especially because of my affinity for spirituality related to the native American culture. I loved the subtle details such as the dream references, the mystical visuals, the well-composed shamanic yet adventurous, movie-like immersive experience whether you are native or not, something is alluring and interesting about this slot without a doubt. There's probably a reason there are so many versions of this particular game - it's been successful for a long time for a reason. It's a theme often you would encounter in a physical casino on an actual slot machine. However, not all of us have the privilege to go to a real casino, so this game is a great second option to that.


In conclusion, I think this slot is fun and worthwhile, especially if you're drawn to the traditional themes you'd find at a physical casino. You'd have to bus for miles usually or drive for miles to encounter these traditional slots, but luckily with this virtual landscape, we can experience the same thrill from the comfort of our desktops or mobile devices. I loved this game.