Bitten Slots

Vampires are infamous for so many things, sexuality, desire, murder, bloodlust. Ever since the black and white image of a vampire sucking the blood of a woman became one of the first images we know of to be filmed in the historical timeline of Hollywood. The legendary and old Brom Stoker's Dracula novel has been an important part of the cultural imprint on our society in the late 1800s and has existed throughout the myths and lore of many different cultures far before the year 1887. I don't think this slot is just for Halloween either, I think vampires are something we humans love to fantasize about all year round for good reason - they're glamorous, immortal, cold, evil, and romantic. The highly romanticized vampire is the most important and I can fully see why it influenced so much of our cultural views on beauty and glamour. I'm a big vampire fan you could say - I love vampires, I love vampire stories and I love vampire aesthetics. I'm one of those folks who wishes she was a vampire, and molds herself around such. It's not easy to see the overall culture fascination with vampire culture, whether you call yourself raven and wear all black on the weekends or hang out at Starbucks reading Twilight, vampires are fun for everyone.

Bitten Slot Appearance, Navigation

The visuals in this slot rely heavily on old vampire cliches - all of them pretty much. It also relies heavily on an almost rockabilly, pin-up girl-style old horror animation that's cute, and well-targeted in terms of its audience. They know the vampire is an aesthetic lifestyle of vintage glamour. At the top of the screen, in the most classic, yellow horror style font are letters that loudly declare "Bitten" The curtains remain in the background, drabbed with elegance in the cliche red. On the left side of the screen, located in the top corner is the number of lines you are playing at one time. There is a generous number of up to 20 pay lines, but you can play as many as you can afford. Just use the arrows to increase or decrease the number you want to use. I honestly really liked the fact the buttons on this board are more spread out, and not just jammed together at the bottom of the screen. While the ladder is more common, it's not my preference after playing this board. On the right side, at the top of the screen is the number of spins played.

On the right side of the screen is the number of spins played. Given each spin is a paid gamble, as long as you are playing in real money mode, this is helpful if you choose to bet higher on this overall board. The coin sizes have a good range which is anywhere from $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 to larger amounts like $1.00, $5.00. This makes the overall bet you can make on this board 500 dollars per game, which might seem like a lot to some low-ranging, penny slot style gamblers, but this board can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of betting budget. Now down towards the bottom of the screen is a purple bar, and on top of that purple bar is a multiplier, available on the left side on a casket shaped button, as well as the total bonus win, which is an identical casket shape, but is available on the right side. Right away, you can tell they're advertising and boosting the potential for bonuses within this game, which I liked. The pay lines are located on the sides, as per usual. Now the best part of this board visually is the symbols within the basic vampire grid. The styling is the attractive, classic pin-up meets vampire animation. Think about say Rocky Horror Picture Show styling, and you'll understand what I mean. There's a small black bar with moving letters that will keep you updated on any free bonuses or multipliers you score, which was clever and helpful

Iconic, The Symbols and More

The icons on this board are so artistic and provocative, and include but aren't limited to a heart pendant, a bitten symbol, candelabra, a goblet of blood, the crypt bonus which features a pin-up stylized female vampire emerging from her casket, A (ace) 10, J (jack) K (king) Q (queen) and 9, so it features all the classic poker symbols you could want. This board is par crypt, part vampire mansion, which is evident from the mysterious folk and grey stones towards the bottom of the screen. I loved the blood gash animation that appears when you score any combination as well. The horror comic look will only serve to let itself crawl into your heart and bury itself there. The effects come with sound and a seductive female vampire's sultry voice, using her allure to draw in everyone to this game.

Bonuses, Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers

This game does a great job with a bonus, and includes wilds, multipliers, and scatter symbols. The Crypt Free Spins round is what you should mostly shoot for with this slot, as it's rewarding to the user. IGT is a reliable company for a good reason and is about as good as Real Time Gaming. The bitten logo is the wild symbol, when you score a win with one or more on a played pay-line, your payout is doubled. The wild symbol also serves as the scatter in this game. The scatter offers separate payouts. The scatter pays can be as high as 250x your total bet if you are lucky enough to trigger a five of a kind on one pay line Four scatters in this game will come with an x10 multiplier, and three scatters will provide an x5, and two scatters will trigger an x2multiplierr. So, the multiplier in this game is pretty fair in my opinion. Only the highest paying scatter is awarded to the user.

Crypt Free Spins Bonus!!

This bonus feature is worth it! To trigger this bonus, you'll need three of the bonus symbols to land anywhere on the reels. The reward for this round is a fast-paced 5-14 free spins, plus an x3 multiplier. When you get three Crypt bonuses the icons will bring you 8-17 free spins, as well as an x10, scatter pay multiplier. Three crypt bonuses will initiate 10 to 20 free spins, but a huge 200x the scatter pay on any winning and active lines. You select the number of free spins from a pick-me game, during this game 3 coffins are presented to us. ou select a coffin and it'll reveal the number of free spins you win. Another great feature is the amount you can be won will increase if you trigger more free games, you can win up to 20 free spins. Of course, this is separate from what happens if you trigger more free spins during the bonus round itself - that means you might win up to 50 free games. The free spins are played on a different set of reels, but the pay and lines are fixed at the number that was active when you triggered the feature. Another great thing is during the bonus round, a free spin wins multiplier can be applied to the payouts you'll receive during the bonus spin, and it begins at an x1 on the first free spin, going up 1 with each free spin.

Conclusion & Would I Play This Game Again?

I think it's easy to see the appeal of this game - the wilds, the scatters, the bonuses, the aesthetics, and decent pay-out payouts - the theme is original, plus supernatural. I think it will draw folks that don't usually play slots in. I know if I were physically in pa person choosing between slots, I would be drawn to this slot over the tired themes of Egypt or Rome. The animation is really what makes this game special - plus the well-spaced and designed board feels less cluttered, and like the software, designers put more effort into the look and feel of this board than others. This game isn't isolating the true vampire lovers either - this isn't a twilight board aimed at teenage girls. This is a board for the lovers of vamps and other dark creatures that go back for a long time.