Transformers Ultimate Payback Slots

Transformers, robots in disguise! You don't have to be a fan of Micheal Bay's horrendous live-action film series to enjoy this slot. Me, I prefer the 80s cartoon adaption. Only IGT could secure the rights and make such an attractive cartoonish slot! I'm happy to say these slots don't feature obvious images of Megan fox or anything that might isolate folks who might not be fans of the Hollywood blockbuster franchise. So no matter who your favorite sports car transformed into a robot alien is, you'll appreciate the cartoonish and child-like quality of this slot. After all, while gambling is a mature practice, it sort of fulfills our inner child - the need to play games. At least - giving us users a more mature version of the basic games we played as a child.


I'll be honest - I don't know that much about this series, so I can't point out every single reference on this board, but the software creators did go to great detail to be accurate and true to the series in itself. The traditional 5x3 board is against an orange background with a tall and silver robot within the background, who is holding up a laser gun threatening to blow up the board! In the background, you can see the faded orange skyscrapers of the city this robot alien is invading. I guess I can say one thing for sure - this series isn't boring, and neither is this board.

Navigation and Game Format

All the navigation is available towards the bottom of the screen, in a cartoonish steel mini window. In the left corner is the paid, and bets section. There is an option button as well, here you can adjust many of the game features, such as the sound and more. Next to the options button is the larger lines button, which is displayed on a long bar with yellow lines, a total of 25 of them. You can use the steel arrows to increase or decrease how many lines you want to play per game. There are a total of 25 pay lines available on this. Next to the 25 pay lines section, is the almost identical-looking bet line section. In this slightly larger mini window, you can increase or decrease how much you choose to bet. As I said, it looks very similar to the best betting window, except instead of 25 little yellow lines within this window, it's five yellow bars stacked next to each other. It had a wide range of coin sizes, like $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $0.05, $2.00, $0.01. Again, you can use the arrows to increase or decrease the amount you choose to bet per line. On the right side of the screen is a silver maximum bet button, which is a shortcut button if you decide to just go all in and bet your maximum for a game. Why not right? What's the point in playing slots if you don't risk something, that's the fun of it! On the furthermost bottom bar section on the right, finally is the play button, which is yellow and can be used to play all lines. This game doesn't play around, they know you might be insane and want to play all the lines at the maximum bet, because why not! Go for it. You're unhinged, so am I! You can pay a maximum bet of $625! Okay, maybe you don't want to do a maximum bet unless you are in a very financially comfortable situation, but IGT is usually catering to high rollers - so chances are if you're playing this game, you're probably not trying to win little bits on the budget slots. You can play 1-5 coins per line. This has a wide variety of colorful, well-designed symbols within this 5x3 board, all expertly referencing the TV show and movie lore. This board features all your favorite robot aliens, including a red and blue Autobot, a darker colored Decepticon, a Cybertron, Optimus prime bonus symbol, a Megatron bonus symbol, the transformers logo in itself, the bumblebee transformer, jazz transformer, a Starscream transformer, soundwave transformer, plus J (jack) A (ace) K (king) and Q (queen) plus 10 and 9, so all the traditional poker symbols lay within the board. You can test this slot or play it for free!

Wilds and Bonuses

The games wilds within this game are the Autobot and Decepticon, and these robots are expanding wilds, plus Cybertron, is a variable wild. There are two bonus symbols, which are obvious because they quite literally say bonus within the symbol. The expanding wilds will make the entire reel wild, and the Cybertron variable wild is rewarding when it's part of a winning combination. The players pick a planet to reveal a wild multiplier, which ranges from x10, or even a smaller multiplier like x2. All winning combinations where the Cybertron is wild, and they're multiplied by the chosen wild I mentioned above. The bonus symbols within this board will trigger the Ultimate Payback Bonus but only on reels 1 to 5. During this bonus, you choose your favorite transformer to win this battle. Both of these transformers have equal chances of winning. If you make a hit on the opposing transformer, the initial bet is paid 2 times at its value. Transformers fight each other when it appears on reel 5. You can win free spin rounds until the Optimus Prime or Megatron is defeated or when 100 spins have reached. The Ultimate winning payback bonus with 3 power units remaining awarding an extra x20 the initial bet. After that 1 or 2, power units will remain and an extra x6 initial bet will be won


This game also features one of my favorite slot features - a jackpot! Praise the alien robots who transform into cars. You can win a 10,000 coin jackpot when five transformer logos have emerged on an active payline.

Conclusion and Would I Play This Game Again?

I think this game is definitely not appealing for video slot players who don't love the transformer franchise in itself, because if it didn't have a big name attached to this slot, it would probably not be that great in terms of graphics, but it has a nostalgic quality because of how it's designed, this slot seems to be aimed at older, higher rollers who might remember the transformer cartoon from the 80s and 90s. I can only figure this also from the short cut bet max button and the short cut play all lines button. That being said, the game itself offers some great bonuses. I love the expanding wilds bonuses, plus the whole "transforming fighting each other" concept is just fun for the user to observe and interact with. I would probably play this game again and mostly recommend this game for fans of the 80s or 90s series exclusively. I think fans of the live-action film will prefer a more modern-looking slot, but as I mentioned the bonuses are excellent without a doubt, and the game itself runs smoothly, without glitches and problems which is good. I recommend playing in free mode first then bringing in the real money bets, good luck!