The 100,000 Pyramid Slots

The 100,000 Pyramid Slot review is not based on just Egyptian culture in itself, but an old game show based around Egyptian culture, and now is a slot based around the game, based around Egyptian culture! Don't worry, it's not as much of a headache as it sounds to be. It's a very cute, and creative slot, based around the old television game show styles, riches, and prizes more than Egypt, which is good because sometimes an Egyptian-themed slot is a little tired and overdone. I've never seen the original of this game, to be honest, but I did find the slot to have its appeal.

Gameplay and Basics

The navigation for this game is pretty simple and non-confusing. At the top of the screen, on the right side of the screen is a paytable button, which you can open and it'll give you an extensive guide to every symbol and how much each symbol is valued for. The button to the right of that is the game rules button, which is self-explanatory and opens to show the rules of the game, and finally on the furthermost right side of the audio button, which you can mute or unmute the sound effects and music should you choose. The five-by-three grid is laid against a background that's supposed to resemble a stage, with blue stage lights and ladders holding up other aspects of the game show set. This grid is supposed to be played on a television game show set, featuring all the high-budget production you would expect. All the buttons to adjust the settings and customize your experience. Down at the bottom left corner of the screen is the line button, which you can use the arrows to increase or decrease the number of lines you want to play within a single game. This game contains 15 lines, but you don't have to play every single game. Next to the line button is the button to adjust your line bet, you can increase or decrease the individual line button using the arrows, and the coin size is varied, featuring the coin range of prices such as $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00. Next to the line per bet button, is the total bet button. This is the total bet of all lines you have played, plus your customized price. In the middle of the screen is a big circle arrow, it's yellow and is the manual spin button. On the right side of the screen is the win screen, and the balance window is on the furthermost right side. Finally, in the furthermost corner, the last button is a small circular blue button that is the auto spin button. I think the format is really easy to follow and great!

Grid and Symbols

Now the symbolism within this board isn't what you expect. It's more based around this game show in itself rather than any Egyptian lore. The symbolism on this game includes the gold and blue 100,000 pyramid logo, an orange and blue mystery 7 logos, a celebrity star logo, which is a blue star with a red and gold background, the winners circle symbol, contestants, gold bars, plus K (king) Q(queen) J (jack) A (ace) and 9 and 10. A lot of these symbols include sports cars, television, a silver watch, a camera symbol, a vacation brochure,r and more. This board is themed based on the game show, the prizes, and other aspects of this old-school television concept. the 100,000 pyramid symbol is the most valuable symbol within this board, which can pay out about 100,000 coins. The second most valuable symbol is the mystery 7 is a 1000 coin symbol, and the third most valuable symbol is the gold bar stacked - or pyramid of gold symbols, which is worth 500 coins. This is thmaximumum amount of coins and these values are only accurate if you trigger five identical symbols within one spin.

The Winners Circle Pyramid Bonus Feature

You can trigger the winners circle bonus by getting 3 or more winners circle symbols, and you can win free spins and multipliers within this. With this game, you get fifteen opportunities to win 100,000x your line bet! Three or more takes you to this bonus round, in this bonus round, you climb the pyramid to earn multipliers and additional free spins in this free spin bonus round. In case you haven't figured it out, the Winners Circle Pyramid is the scatter symbol. This feature begins with two free spins and an x1 multiplier value. You are given five picks, and then you choose symbols from the levels of the pyramid to reveal multipliers or free spins. If while selecting randomly you are lucky enough to reveal an advanced arrow, which will take you to the next level of the pyramid. You can also trigger the Extra Pick icon during these levels, which gives you the chance to pick an additional symbol. If you can continue to climb up the pyramid to reach the top symbol, you might run out of picks depending on your luck. After this, you are taken to the free spins bonus round, and this begins to feature with the number of free spins and multipliers you won throughout the Winner's Circle Pyramid Bonus feature.

The Jackpot

This slot does feature an excellent jackpot, and it can be activated and won by triggering all five pyramid symbols on one line. Pretty basic and it goes along with how you often would trigger a jackpot in your average slot game. However, the jackpot is pretty decent and rewarding, it comes with a massive 100,000 coin jackpot. This isn't the only thing the jackpot offers either, and you also win multipliers at a minimum of 5 times or 3 scatters, 10 times for 4 scatters, as well as 15 times for 5 scatter symbols.

Would I Play This Game Again and Conclusion

I think this game is great overall, I'm not usually drawn to any sort of game based on a game show. It usually would sound cheesy, overplayed, or not worth my time, but this game was surprisingly delightful despite the old-school theme. It might resonate more with older virtual video slot players who have fond memories of the days when game shows were relevant. As a younger fan though, I was more focused on how beneficial the bonus game is, plus how many winnings it could potentially trigger. I think the multipliers were far, and it seemed to trigger wins fairly easily when I played it. I also really liked the jackpot feature, because the jackpot was decent, plus they didn't need to add the scatters and multipliers along with the jackpot because honestly, the gold payout is valuable enough on its own, so they just threw that in for our benefit. The TV show theme was fun even if it's a little bit old school compared to what's going on nowadays, it is a slot I could see at a real casino, and wouldn't be surprised if this was a real slot machine at an actual casino in vegas somewhere. Overall, I would play this game again and like it.