Safari Sam Slots

Safari Sam is an interactive slot game from BetSoft that takes you out to the Savannah to look at all sorts of wild beasts. This game is about the story of a wild boy that’s found living outdoors, and it’s an adventure game that’s a lot of fun to play around with. We were initially taken in by the look of this slot and decided to spend some time reviewing it to see if it’s worthwhile to play. Learn all about this game down below and see if it’s the right option for you or if you should be glancing at something else instead.

Created by BetSoft

BetSoft is the company behind this slot and is well-known for creating beautiful games that are enjoyable. If you want access to a new slot game that will test your skills and look nice, this is a decent option for you to consider overall.

No Progressive Jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot prize payout in this slot, which means that you’ll be spinning for standard jackpots while you play this game. This video slot comes loaded with different features and powerful bonuses and is interactive and fun to play, but it isn’t perfect.

A Beautiful Savannah Theme

This vibrant slot is themed after life out on the Savannah with a wild boy. The game has a man on safari as well as a boy and a bunch of different animals. While you play the slot, you’ll see loads of beautifully crafted symbols and some powerful bonus features as well. The game shows off a stunning backdrop that makes it special to look at and to play.

30 Fully Adjustable Lines

There are 30 paylines that are attached to this game. When you play the slot, you can turn the lines on and off to determine how good your chances of winning are and control how much money you can win overall and how much you must wager to play. Get the settings just right, and you’ll have precisely the level of control you want over your wager amount.

Just Okay Wagering Options

For any low-stakes gamblers out there, this game is ideal in the way that it handles wagers. Wager between $0.01 per spin and $30.00 per spin with a good range of wagering options in between. The only issue with this game is going to be for high-stakes players that want to wager more than $30 per spin. For these players, the game just doesn’t offer enough excitement, and they should move on to a different game instead.

A Full Featured Autoplay

This game features an Autoplay tool that makes it easy to spin as many spins as you want without pressing the spin button more than once. To use the feature, you press the Auto Play button and choose the wager amount you want to use, the number of spins to go through, and also when the feature should stop based on how much prize money you win or how much money you lose while running this feature. We love this in-depth autoplay feature, and it makes it easy for gamblers to control exactly what happens when they play this game.

An Unimpressive Paytable

The maximum win you can achieve while playing this slot isn’t all that impressive, and most of the prizes pictured on the paytable are smaller in size. Even when wagering as much as $30.00, you can only expect to win hundreds of dollars on a single spin while playing this game. You can get bigger and better wins with help from the random wild symbols, but the best payouts normally occur during the free spin bonus round, where prizes can be doubled.

Collapsing Stacked Symbols and Random Wilds

Two random features occur during the base game of this slot, and they are triggered by pretty basic symbols. Whenever a whole stack of the same symbol is achieved, a prize payout worth 3x that symbol value is given, and the stack collapses down into a single symbol to allow two more symbols to fall. This feature can lead to combinations of wins during the same turn. There are also random wild symbols that can occasionally show on the reels and multiply prize wins by as low as 2x and as high as 10x, depending on how lucky you are.

Animals Free Spins

By getting the zebra, gorilla, and monkey symbols in any combination on the first payline, you trigger the free spin bonus round. In this special bonus, you choose one of the animal symbols, and it serves as a 2x wild throughout the bonus round as you play for different prize wins. This mighty bonus is the cause of many big bonus wins, and it’s a favorite among gamblers that play this slot.

Safari Bonus Round

When you get three of the Sam symbols, you trigger the bonus round for this slot. In this round, you keep picking random spaces until you turn over the Collect symbol. The more spaces that you turn over before seeing Collect, the more money you will win overall. Whatever prizes you turn over are the payouts that you’ll Collect when you finally turn over the final symbol of the game.

Play in Free Mode Forever

This game comes with a free play version that gamblers can use for as long as they want for testing purposes or entertainment. While most players won’t find playing in Demo mode as fulfilling as risking real money is, players that aren’t concerned about winning real money can have fun with this mode.

Play with Real Money

You can play the game with real money, and it’s simple to swap to the actual cash version of the game whenever you like. If you’re interested in playing the game for real money, just open it up from the casino website again and choose the standard play version of the game. When you do this, you can wager using your casino balance and enjoy all the features of this slot.

Small But Frequent Wins

The prize wins achieved when playing this game aren’t very large, but there is a lot of money available to play at this online casino. Wins occur frequently, and combinations of wins are also possible thanks to the symbol collapse feature. If you like slots that pay regularly, there is something to enjoy about this game.

Excellent Mobile Gameplay

Safari Sam works on most tablets and smartphones and is a game that you can take anywhere you go if you want to play on the go. If you’re interested in playing this game everywhere you are, you’ll love how well the game functions on most mobile devices. The game functions in a web browser and doesn’t require any software downloads to play.

Rating the Game

We spent hours trying this game and decided to rate it a 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. We gave this game such a good rating because it’s attractively styled, it’s fun to play, and it has loads of different features too. The game isn’t perfect, and other slots are even better, but this one is worth trying.