Star Trek Against All Odds Slots

While Star Trek isn't my first preference - I'm more of a Star Wars kind of person, I enjoyed the Star Trek Against All Odds Slot. In case you live under a rock - this is based on the famous movie that recently came out. It includes captain kirk, Spock, and more. Whether you're familiar with the actual plot or star trek or not, you'll see more than a few familiar characters and images on this board. This is a colorful and graphically attractive slot by the computer software company IGT, and they're pretty familiar with developing well-done slots at this point. it didn't immediately occur to me initially where the "against all odds" title comes from because I'm not highly familiar with Star Trek as a series.

Grid and Appearance

The first thing you'll notice with this game is your game grid is floating in outer space. There are stars colliding and giant gas planets in the background bring a universal and interplanetary element to this slot. Each screen, from the help screen to the mainstream takes you to different parts of the galaxy. Down at the bottom of the screen is all your adjustable options. On the furthermost left side is the coins section, and to the right of that is the coin value, which had a variety of coin options. This includes $0.01, $0.02, $2.00, $5.00, $1.00, $0.50, $0.25, $0.05, $0.10 as some of the options. In the middle section is a window with a spin wheel in the middle of the board, towards the bottom. The total bet is located on the left side of the button and the win window is on the right side of the manual spin button. On the right are the balance side, the auto spin button, and a small wrench button where you can adjust the settings of the game. This game has a massive 720 pay lines with a wide maximum bet per game. You can bet a total of $300 per game, which is a pretty wide range in my opinion. This game has five reels and includes an interactive bonus round, scatters, jackpots, auto-play, wild symbols, and more great features. I think this game has slick graphics, attractive colors and designs, and an easy navigation interface without any glitching, bugs, or anything that would interfere with the actual gameplay. There are multiple bonus features, such as the energizing wilds feature, the enterprise defender bonus feature, and the multiway extra feature. There are several symbols like Captain Kirk, Spock, space, crew members, and weapons. These reels pay both from left to right and right to left, which I'll talk about further below. This slot reminds me of terminator or Star Wars slots and is about the same quality as those slots. The sound effects were wonderful as well and were high quality in my opinion.

Energizing Wilds

After any regular spins, your screen might become active with energizing wilds. You can randomly trigger 2, 3, 4, or even 5 symbols that will be activated to become the wild symbols. Considering you can have multiple wilds with this feature, you can see how this feature is more than appealing! To be clear, two of the five reels will turn completely wild, bringing more symbols into the fold.

Enterprise Symbols

It takes five all Enterprise symbols to trigger the lovely defender bonus. Payouts can go as high as a total of 22,500x for this bonus round, which is insane as well. The bonus game is really special during this round. This game is skill-based, oddly enough. If you're good at games, you'll be good at this bonus round. You just need to shoot down as many attacking ships in the fort of seconds to build your rank. The more ships you take downtakedown during this period, the higher you'll rank and the more you'll be rewarded.

MultiWay Xtra feature

This game is standard in some ways in terms of the IGT game selection. These slots are diamond-shaped, which I liked and thought was pretty unique. It's occurred to me it's called Star Trek: Against All Odds, because there's an unequal number of symbols on this board. The potential payout is pretty average within an unusual board design. The MultiWay feature means wins are provided in either section. Most slots seem to run right, so this is abnormal. Usually, it's about a combination that is allowed to have its beginning on one or two reels and run leftwards. IGT seems to do this in many of their slots, making it easier to trigger wins without these limiting rules some slots seem to offer. IGT also does a good job at catering to those who might be higher rollers, at least I think if you're willing to bet 300 dollars on one slot game, you're probably a fairly wealthy person, or maybe a reckless person, or maybe just someone with spare money who feels lucky!

Would I Play This Again?

Star Trek has been part of my consciousness for a long time, even before the remakes that made Star Trek a blockbuster once more. I don't think this slot is necessarily made for hardcore Star Trek fans, or the kind of Trekkies who spend all their money on Star Trek collectible toys, conventions where they stand in line for hours to meet actors from the 60s or 80s or more. Since this game is based on the new Star Trek, this game has universal appeal whether it's a hardcore Trekkie or a younger film fan who experienced Star Trek the first time through the newer, high-tech series. The graphics within this game match the high-tech film appearance, the images from the film, and actual actors that will make the game a timeless classic that will probably live on in the public consciousness for a long time. Whether they remake Star Trek in several years or not, this game will be treasured by Trekkies forever.


I think this game has some of the great features IGT usually features, like being the MultiWay Extra Feature, which is a feature I honestly wish most slots would offer players. I think it would make most slots a lot more fair period. I liked the Enterprise Defender Bonus feature as well because of the fact you win in a way that isn't based on luck - but rather actual gaming ability which is quite unheard of in most slot circles. While you do need the luck to trigger the feature, if you have decent aim you can walk away with some pretty great bonuses - and it's another feature I wish was included on more slot games in my humble opinion! Of course, the other amazing feature is the energizing wilds feature, which is advertised throughout the game for a reason, who doesn't want multiple wilds? It's a great and worthwhile game feature within this sci-fi universe. The animations and sound effects within this virtual video slot are exciting and well made. IGT doesn't fail to deliver and is my favorite software slot company besides Real Time Gaming, and I would recommend this game to Trekkies or none Trekkies alike. It has something for everyone.