Back To Venus Slots

Back to Venus is an interesting slot game that combines a Venus flytrap with aliens to create a slot that doesn't really resemble anything we've played before. We were intrigued by the theme of the game and did a full review because of that. We were immediately impressed by the features of this slot. See our review to find out more about the features and learn if the slot is right for you.

A Betsoft Game

Like many of the top slots available today, this one was created by BetSoft, the software company is known for making top-quality games and offers many titles worth playing. Joining a casino with Back To Venus gives gamblers the chance to play the rest of the BetSoft library as well.

A Video Slot

This is a modern video slot with a long list of special features and some decent prizes as well. The game is more complex than many other video slots in terms of its perks and features but is simple to play for even new gamblers.

A Man-Eating Plant

This slot is clearly about a man-eating Venus flytrap, and it's a delightful slot. We love the appearance and feel of the game, and the cartoon plant character is loveable as well. The plant is animated, and you'll see all sorts of futuristic symbols show up along the reels as you spin this slot.

20 Fixed Playlines

There are 20 locked in paylines in this slot. They're always on, and any wagers you place are on all the lines. That means the lowest bet per spin is $0.20, and this slot allows you to wager as much as $20.00 per spin. It's flexible enough for many gamblers, but some won't like the wagering options. Gamblers can adjust the values with just a single set of buttons, and it only takes a moment to get started playing here.

Autoplay is Available for Gamblers that Want it

To all the players that love using the autoplay feature to avoid pressing spin over and over again, this slot has the feature, and it's simple to use. The button is next to the standard spin. Press it and choose the number of spins you want, and press start. That's all there is to it! The feature goes up to 100 spins and will make it easy for you to relax and let the game do its thing.

A Low Value Paytable

The payouts offered by this slot are lower than most, but that doesn't mean you can't win a great deal. In fact, some of the biggest wins come from this slot, thanks to its intense special features. The slot comes loaded with powerful features that give you loads of chances to win. Spin the reels, and you could unlock combination wins with the spreading wilds, sticky wilds, and more.

Random Sticky Respins

After some spins, the slot will randomly select a symbol to become sticky. The symbol locks into place, and the game keeps re-spinning until you achieve a win with the selected symbols. It's one of the simplest methods to get wins with this slot and an excellent tool to keep the game moving along.

Flowering wilds

Each time you spin without getting a win, there's a possibility that the reels will benefit from random wild symbols. The wilds show up randomly and can spread across the reels of the game.

High Value Sticky Asteroids

Asteroids are wild in this game, and they lock in position after landing for a total of two spins. You'll find yourself hoping for asteroids to fall and give you a good chance of winning some prizes.

Unlock Rocketship Free Spins

Get three or more of the rocket bonus symbols, and you'll start up this free spin bonus round. The bonus comes with ten free spins and sticky wilds. Get four or more, and you'll have a chance to get sticky wilds with a multiplier attached to them as well! This feature is one of the most valuable the slot has to offer.

Try the Game in Demo Mode

To get started with this game, you don't need any real money at all. Instead, you can try things out in Demo mode and then switch over once you're comfortable. Spend a few sessions playing in Demo mode, and you'll get comfortable with this plant game, and you can switch to betting with your account money.

Play Using Real Money

If you already have an account at a BetSoft casino, you're ready to play this game for real. Just click Back to Venus, choose to play it with real money, and you'll be in the game. It only takes a moment to activate the slot using real money, and once you do, you can start wagering with your cash and trying to win big. Before you know it, you'll be triggering payouts and enjoying the features of this slot.

Big Wins Are Possible

It's possible to uncover tens of thousands of dollars from this slot game. In fact, the top possible prize payout is worth €86,760. That's a lot of cash, and it's the type of win that gamblers will remember for a long time after.

A Great Value Slot

This slot game beats out most others we've reviewed in terms of pure value. More than 97% of the money gamblers wager on the game gets paid back out as prizes. That's better than most, and it means you can feel good about playing this game because you are more likely to win with it than with most other options.

Take this Slot With You

We don't like being stuck in one location while playing a slot. A gaming session can become uncomfortable when it's behind the screen of a computer, especially when sitting in a computer chair. That's why we were happy to see that Back to Venus works on mobile phones and tablets. It runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices and doesn't require an app to play. That means you can sit where you like and even move around while playing this game. Talk about freedom.

Rating the Game

After testing the slot carefully for an extended session, we decided to give it a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. We took away a bit for the lower symbol values, but this game offers so many bonuses and chances to win that it's a lot of fun for most players that test it. If you spend time with this slot, you'll likely have a good time as well.

Back To Venus is an entertaining gambling experience with unique characters, loads of bonuses, and loads of chances to win. It's the type of slot that you won't forget after you try it, and for some gamblers, it's a new favorite as well.