The Hive Slots

The Hive is a slot game that's all based around a beehive, and it's a pretty cool gambling experience if you ask us. From the unique shape of the reels to the well-drawn symbols, this game has style. We were drawn in by its looks and stuck around for its fun features. We review the slot down below, so keep reading to learn about the good and not-so-good aspects of this game.

Made by BetSoft

This BetSoft slot game is carefully crafted to be pleasant looking and to come with some unique and interesting features. BetSoft is a well-known slot company, and playing at a casino with this game gives you access to the whole library of quality games. With so many options to choose from, you should have something interesting to enjoy all the time.

A Unique Video Slot

The symbols of this slot are positioned in a honeycomb formation you aren't likely to find on any other games you play. If that's not interesting enough, you also have a honey jar that you fill as you play and various bee symbols that offer different perks. These advanced features are unique, and they're very dynamic. Video slots are all about entertainment and fun, and this game delivers in both of those areas.

A Bee Hive Slot

This game is set in a beehive, and it features ladybugs, flowers, and a host of different bees. It's set out in a beautiful meadow and is lovely to look at. The slot is cheerful, and it's a game you can enjoy for its looks as well as its features.

25 Paylines

There are 25 paylines locked in the "On" position while playing this game. All those lines give you a good chance of triggering prize payouts. With each spin, you complete you'll have 25 opportunities to win some prizes, and that's pretty exciting.

Easy Wagering with Excellent Flexibility

One of the greatest steps you can take when playing a slot for the first time is setting your wager amount. You adjust the wager value with the plus and minus symbols. Use these to lower your minimum bet down to a low of $0.10 or raise it to a maximum of $90.00 per spin. These values are diverse enough for most players, though there are some gamblers that would prefer to wager even more. The only real issue that gamblers have with the game is how large the wager jumps are. If you want to set a precise wager value, you may not be able to play at the amount you want while gambling on this slot.

A Standard Autoplay Feature

The autoplay tool is right next to the standard spin button, and it lets you set the slot to keep spinning on its own. Tap the button, choose the number of spins you want, and start the feature to get the game spinning. The slot will keep turning until it reaches the number of spins you set or until you stop the feature manually. You can also set the wager value in the Autoplay menu, but that's not necessary if you have the value set when you press the button.

Tiny Symbol Values

The paytable is loaded with symbols and prizes that are worth very little. The most valuable winning combination is worth just 5x your total wager amount. That isn't very much, even if you're betting the maximum amount as you play this game. The Worker Bee symbols help to create multipliers that allow you to win bigger payouts, though.

Special Bee Symbols

There are three different bee symbols that can appear while playing this game. The first is the Queen bee, and she summons more of the other two types of bees. The second is the Drone bee that fills the honey meter. The final type of bee is the Worker bee, which creates prize multipliers that help gamblers win bigger and better prizes. The bee symbols make playing this game more interesting, and they're responsible for the multipliers and the free spin bonus round.

Triggering the Free Spin Bonus

As soon as the Honey meter is filled, the free spin bonus round begins. This round gives you five free spins with spreading honey wilds. These wilds spread out from a starting position to cover more and more of the honeycomb formation, giving you a better chance to trigger better winning combinations as you go.

Test Play for Free

It's possible to test this game without spending your money in the process. BetSoft offers a Demo version of the slot that plays the same but uses a free play balance instead. This is an excellent perk for anyone that's interested but not willing to wager with their own money yet. You can test the game with the play money and decide if you want to start wagering with cash in your own time.

Easily Wager Your Money

If you would like to test this slot using your casino balance, that's simple to do. Start the game in the standard model and choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with. From there, you can begin spinning the reels and gambling with real money. It only takes a moment, and when you do it, you can start playing fast.

Big Wins are Possible

It's possible to uncover tens of thousands of dollars while playing this game; you just need to be lucky enough to unlock a big combination. Prizes range in size, and most are smaller, but you can get some decent wins with enough luck.

A Moderate Value

We've test-played slots that give gamblers an excellent chance of winning great prizes. We've also tested games that limit players and make it more difficult for them to win. This one falls somewhere in the middle. It pays out more than 96% of the money from gamblers back in the form of prizes. That's decent, but certainly not the best we've experienced. Even still, this game is a good value for sure.

Rating the Slot

We gave this slot game a full review and played it for an extended session to get very familiar with it. Overall the time with the game, we decided to give it a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. The symbol values are poor, and that can make the game uninspiring at times. The winning combinations can be great with this game, though, and thanks to all the multipliers and the free spin bonus round, you can create some impressive chains of wins as well.

Works on Mobile

This game is made to run on most mobile devices, which means you can take it with you where you like. If you're worried about getting stuck in front of a computer screen or about not being able to play without a computer, you don't have to think about that with this game. The slot runs smoothly in a mobile web browser on Android and iOS devices. It starts up immediately and is simple to play as well. Not only that, but it looks nice on smaller screens as well. All those things make this game a good option for online gamblers that want to test it out. Try the game yourself, and you'll quickly see that it is an excellent mobile option.

The Hive is a lovely slot with good features and a unique style that really appeals to us. It's not the right game for every gambler, but players that like frequent wins, unique features, and bees will all have fun with this game. Take some time and experiment with it for yourself to see if it's something that you'll enjoy.