Charms and Clovers Slots

Charms and Clovers is a unique slot game with powerful bonus features and some pretty cool perks that we can't help but talk about. The game is entertaining because it gives you access to multiple bonuses, and it pays out huge prizes too. With that said, we don't believe this slot will appeal to everyone, and gamblers should read through our review to find out if the game is right for them or not.

Another BetSoft Game

This is a game made by BetSoft, which is good news for gamblers that want to spin the reels of a high-quality game and play all sorts of different bonuses and special features. This game is one among hundreds, and it is likely to be available at high-quality casinos and different sites that are fun to play at. If you're searching for a casino that gives you a good selection of games to choose from, it makes sense to join a site offering this game.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot

There are three different progressive jackpot payouts that can be triggered while playing this game. Any of the different prizes are exciting to win, and having enough luck to unlock one will give you loads of cash that you can collect and place into your casino account. The prizes increase in value as you play the game, and they will continue to go up until one of the active players wins them.

A Leprechaun Themed Slot

This game is full of four-leaf clovers, leprechauns and it's set in a magical forest that's beautiful to look at. It's clear that the game has a leprechaun theme to it, and that's part of the entertainment value that the slot has to offer. If you like the look of the game, you will likely have a good time playing it because it is well-designed and it works well.

40 Fixed Paylines with Up to 5 Coins

There 40 paylines that are always locked in the on position, but thanks to careful design, that doesn't mean you are limited in your wagering options. Even though you must wager a minimum of 40 coins per spin, you have many more options when it comes to the maximum amount you can wager. This game allows you to wager between 1 and 5 coins per payline, and that's when things get really exciting.

A Huge Range of Wagering Options

The minimum wager amount you can use is $0.40 per spin, which many gamblers will be okay with, and the maximum wager amount is a stunning $200.00 per spin. This is ideal for high-rollers that want to play for huge prize payouts. To wager the maximum amount while playing this game, you must set the coin value to $1.00 apiece and then choose to wager five coins per payline for a total of 200 coins or $200.00 per spin. This is a huge wager, and it means that you can win a large amount of money if you're lucky enough.

No Speed Adjustments and Powerful Autoplay Features

There aren't different speed settings like you will find in some slots, which means that you must be okay spinning the reels at the same rate each time you play this game. If you don't mind the speed that this slot spins at, you can have fun playing the game over time. Charms and Clovers does come with an Autoplay feature that has loads of settings you can use to choose how many spins you'll go through, how much you'll wager per spin, and also the most you can win or lose while the game spins for you. If you utilize all these different settings, you can take complete control over this game and get the most value from your gambling session.

High Value Wins

There are many high-value wins on the paytable for this slot game, making it easy to win tens of thousands of coins in a single spin. When you play this game, you have many different prizes that are worth thousands, and that's a good reason to keep playing. Not only are the prizes valuable, but you can win combinations of different prizes as you spin.

Mega Symbols and a Bonus Reel

There are two special features that are integrated into the standard rounds of this slot game. There's a 6th reel that serves as a bonus reel to help trigger all sorts of bonus perks as you play, and there are mega symbols. These mega symbols are much larger than standard symbols, and they make it easier for you to win big prize payouts. Get a few mega symbols on the reels, and you could trigger some very huge prize-winning combinations.

Easily Swap Between Real Money and Free Play

If you spend time playing this slot game, you'll have the opportunity to swap between playing with real money and using play money. Both options work the same while you wager on this game, but while using real money, you can win real prizes. To change from one type of playstyle to the other, you load the game again and choose the different game types to get it started.

Win Huge Prize Payouts

It's possible to win as many as 50,000 coins in a single spin by getting six wild symbols on the same payline. When you do this, you can unlock a huge prize payout that's life-changing and exciting. There are other high-value prizes available when you play this game as well. Combination wins are also common when playing this game, thanks to the different Mega symbols. These huge symbols create matching wins more frequently overall.

A Good Value

This slot game gives players a return of over 96% of their money when they play, making it a good value when compared to many of the other slot games that are available today. It's a good deal for most gamblers that are looking to maintain their casino balance while having a good time. If you're searching for a high-value slot game, this one isn't bad, but there are some other slots that pay out even more consistently than this game does overall.

The Money Wheel Bonus Round

Whenever you stack the 6th reel of this slot with money wheel symbols, you'll get a chance to spin the Money Wheel. This wheel gives you up to 40x your bet as an instant prize payout, and it gives you a chance to spin the powerful Mega Wheel for up to 100x your wager amount as an instant payout. This bonus round is exciting, and it can result in some really good wins as well.

Try it On Mobile

Charms and Clovers is a modern slot game that's designed to work on most mobile devices. You can bring along this game with you wherever you like on a tablet or a smartphone. Load the game onto your device of choice by playing it in your browser and experience all the excitement that it has to offer you. If you're interested in playing this game on the go, you'll be impressed by how simple it is to do that.

Rating This Game

With many hours spent testing this slot, we can honestly say that it's a good value, and it's entertaining too. We decided to rate it at a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars which is an excellent rating and makes it one of our more highly recommended games from BetSoft. If you want an entertaining and easy game to play, spend some time trying this game for yourself.

Charms and Clovers is an ideal slot game, and it's something that most gamblers can have fun with. Try it for free or yourself and see if it's a good fit for you or not. If you like the theme of the game, you are likely to find at least a few other features of this game that you enjoy as well.