Monster Pop Slots

Monster Pop is one of the more creative slot games from BetSoft. This slot features a cool cluster system and a mix of features that are very exciting compared to the other games. We were drawn in by the unique playstyle of this game and had to explore all its features for ourselves. Follow along with our review to see what we experienced.

Made by Betsoft

Betsoft is well-known to gamblers around the world, and it's the software company that's responsible for this slot. The game is well-made, and it's among hundreds of other excellent games that are also offered by the company. If you sign up for a casino with this game, you will have many different options to choose from as well.

A Unique Video Slot

This slot features a unique look and feel to it compared to other games available online. There are no actual reels, and combinations are achieved in clusters rather than lines. The bonuses of the game are very interesting as well. The symbols can be duplicated, and the size of the play area can even be expanded from 5x5 up to 13x13 with help from the features. This slot is dynamic and advanced, much more complex than even a standard video slot.

Magical Monsters

This slot is a fun monster-themed game that has a bunch of friendly-looking monster symbols. The monsters fill up the game's reels, and they can create all sorts of prize-winning combinations. The game is set in a magical looking cave with glowing symbols, and it's all very mystical and fun.

A Cluster Payout System

This slot stands out from many others because it uses a special cluster pay system instead of traditional paylines. There are no lines to adjust, and you can get wins by grouping symbols together in multiple directions at once. This is a fun way to experience a slot, and it's enjoyable to change from the standard line setup if that's what you're used to using all the time.

Wagers Work Like there are 25 Paylines

All the wagers on this slot game work like you have 25 active paylines. The lowest wager you can set is $0.25 per spin, and the maximum is $25.00 per spin. You adjust your value using plus and minus symbols, and it's straightforward to choose an amount that you feel good using. As long as you don't want to place a bet that's higher or lower than the extremes this game offers, you can have a good gambling experience while playing here.

Using Autoplay

Using the autoplay feature is simple with this game. To activate the perk, you press the autoplay button and choose the number of spins you want. Select between 5 and 100 spins and press "Start Auto" to have the slot begin spinning. You can adjust the spin value when activating this feature as well, but don't have to if you want the game to maintain your current spin value.

Cascading Symbols

Any wins that occur in this slot get vaporized, opening up space for new symbols to drop down in their place. Chain reactions made up of one win after another are common because of this cascading feature. Even though most of the prizes aren't that valuable while playing this game, it's not uncommon to get many wins in a row that add up to a substantial amount.

The Monster Fury Feature

The Cascades of symbols occur when you get a winning combination, and those cascades can result in additional prize wins. Sometimes, when the cascades don't end with extra wins, the Monster Fury feature gets activated. This feature creates Monster Cloners or shuffles symbols on the reels to bring like symbols together for more chances to win. This feature only occurs occasionally, but it's a powerful tool that can really turn around your gaming session with this slot.

Watch for the Monster Cloner

The Monster Cloner feature will make copies of the entire set of reels and expand the reels vertically or horizontally to accommodate all the new copies. This special feature can take one or more wins and duplicate them into a much larger winning combination. The feature appears randomly and gives you a good opportunity to get some wins. This symbol transforms into wilds after it's finished duplicating the reels.

Flaming Free Spins

The special flaming ring symbols unlock a free spin round when you have three or more of them on the reels. You'll get seven free spins plus the number of rings used to activate the round. With combinations as large as ten rings possible, you can enjoy 17 free spins in this bonus round.

Demo The Slot for Free

This game runs in Demo mode for anyone that wants to test out its features. That's good news if you care about the slot and whether you'll like it or not. Before you risk your money, you can play it free and see if you enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it, you can move on to something else. To initiate Demo mode, open the slot like normal, choose Demo and start it. It will run with a play money balance, and you can try out all the features you like.

Try it Using Real Money

It's possible to play this game with real money or in a free play demo mode. Both options are entertaining, but real money mode is more exciting for sure. To play with real money, you need a casino account, and it has to be funded. Deposit money in and select this slot to load it and play with your balance. It's easy to do, but you have to go through those steps first.

Big Wins are Possible

While it's rare to get a really big win in this slot game, it's possible, and some gamblers unlock them. It's possible to uncover up to $10,000 on a single spin but to do this, you'll need a cluster size of 101 or greater. This requires the use of several Monster Cloner enhancements to have enough spots. Still, players can unlock this prize payout, or others in the thousands of dollars by placing a top wager and having enough luck to get a massive cluster. It's also possible to get many smaller clusters and to unlock a huge number of small prize payouts for similar or even larger wins with this game.

Rating the Game

We give Monster Pop a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars as our rating. After testing the game for many days, we were impressed with its features, the prize potential it offers, and the unique feel you get when playing it. There aren't many negatives with this game, and it's an excellent option for anyone that's searching for a different variety of slot game to play.

An Excellent Return

Many video slots aren't a good value for the players that use them. They don't pay out enough money to the gamblers to be worth playing. Still, players use them because they're entertaining. This game is different. With a return of approximately 97% of the money it takes in, it's easy to see how this slot can be a good value and how it's worth playing if you care about that sort of thing.

Take it on Mobile

There's nothing less enjoyable than getting stuck on a computer when you want to move around while playing a slot online. Online gambling is more convenient than going to a local casino, but playing on mobile makes things even better. Monster Pop works on Android and iOS devices and doesn't require special software to work on mobile. It's convenient to play, loads instantly, and runs smoothly on most devices. This is perfect for players that want the ultimate in flexibility.

Monster Pop is a unique slot game with features you won't get on many other slots. Gamblers that are searching for a different sort of game should spend the time to get to know this one. Not everyone will enjoy it, but the players that do will really love it. The slot is entertaining, and it's the type of game gamblers can really come to enjoy.