Total Overdrive Slots

Total Overdrive is a futuristic classic slot with modern features worked in. It's set in a modern city, with loads of neon and cool looking symbols you would expect to see on a classic slot, only upgraded. We love the appearance of the game and the interesting blend of features that it offers. This slot will be good for some gamblers, but you'll have to go through our review to decide if it will appeal to you. Please take a look and decide on the game with our help, or test it for yourself in Demo mode right now.

A Betsoft Creation

This game was made by BetSoft, a big software developer that makes a wide range of slots and more. It's well-made, comes with interesting features, and looks nice. These are all common aspects of modern BetSoft creations.

A Modern Classic Slot

This game looks like a classic slot. It only has three reels and has small prize payouts on the table. Looks can be deceiving, though. It comes with modern sticky wilds, prize multipliers, and more. You can win big when playing this game, and the experience changes dramatically and remains fun over time, helping to make this game stand out more than most classic slots do.

A Futuristic City Design

This slot game is set in a futuristic city landscape, with neon roads and cool light animations. It looks like a backdrop out of a sci-fi novel, and that's the fun of it. We love the theme of the game and its design, and it's one of the main reasons we tried this slot to begin with.

10 Always On Paylines

There are ten paylines in this slot, and they're always turned on. The entire time you play this game, you will be wagering across ten lines and trying to complete prize-winning combinations using them. Wagering is simple because of this, but the game can feel a bit less flexible as a result, and there are other slots with many more paylines, so you might not get wins as much as you would like either.

Easy Wagering

Wagering couldn't be easier while playing with this slot. You click the plus and minus keys and adjust the final value. That's it. Choose the amount you like and spin. Just be aware that if you change the value in the middle of a session, any multiplayer you have will be reset at that time. It's best to wait until you lose the multiplier to change your wager amount.

It Comes with Autoplay

This game has a simple autoplay feature you can activate at any time. Press the button, choose the number of spins you want, and set the game to go. It will go through between 5 and 100 spins on its own, and you can relax while you watch the game do all the work.

A Low Value Paytable

This game has one of the lowest value paytables that we've seen in a long time, even for a slot that looks and feels more like a classic slot. With payouts of just $500 at the highest with a maximum wager in place, you won't be playing for huge wins. The multiplier features of this game help to improve the wins you get, though, and that's what helps keep this slot worth playing, in our opinion.

Winning Spin Multiplier

Each time you get a winning combination from this slot, the game increases the prize multiplier by 1x. As long as you can maintain a winning streak, your multiplier will continue to go up in value to a maximum of 10x. That means you can unlock up to 10x the maximum prize payout with this feature if you get ten wins in a row first.

Sticky Multiplier

Normally a spin without a win will ruin your progress toward building up the prize multiplier in this slot, but not in every instance. Some wins will trigger a sticky multiplier instead of the standard multiplier feature. This special multiplier gets locked into position for the next eight spins. Sticky multipliers give you the chance to keep building up the prize multiplier even if you go through a losing round or two.

Overdrive Wilds

Wild symbols take every other symbol in the game and getting three wilds in a combination awards you with an instant prize payout worth 50x your total wager amount. Wilds are a key part of winning big in this slot, and you'll get many of your wins from them as you play.

Demo the Slot Free

It's possible to play Total Overdrive without using real money to do so if you want to test the game. This is perfect for new gamblers that want to get familiar with features they aren't sure about. To access Demo mode, you choose the slot and select "Play Demo." Once you do that, the game loads in your browser and runs as usual. The only real difference is that the slot uses a play money balance, and there is no real money to be won as you play.

Play with Real Money

This game is designed specifically for gamblers wagering real money, so betting your casino balance is easy to do. You choose the real money option, which is just the standard play button. Once you do that, the game loads, and you can play immediately. Choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with and push for the big wins that you're excited about.

Game Winners

It's possible to win as much as 1450x your total wager amount, which is a substantial prize win if you're betting big. The big prize potential of this slot gives you something to look forward to as you spin the reels. Play the game hard and try for the prize payouts you know you deserve. Many of the best wins come from combinations of wins, though, or several multipliers wins in a row.

An Excellent Value for a Slot

Few slots can match the payback potential of this exciting game. It has a return value of nearly 97%, which is higher than most other slot games we review today. That's good news if you care about your odds of winning as you play. When you play this slot, you'll know you have a good chance of coming away with a win. Play with confidence and enjoy the entertainment value of the game while knowing you have a decent chance of winning.

Mobile Support is Decent

Because this is a 3-reel slot game, it looks nice on smartphones and other small screens. It runs flawlessly on these compact devices, and no special software is needed to play it either. If you want to play Total Overdrive on the bus or at a friend's house, you can do so while you have a good internet connection to play with.

Rating the Slot

We were determined to give this slot game a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. After thoroughly testing the game, it's one of our favorite 3-reel options to recommend to gamblers. The multiplier features and the powerful wild bonuses, make this game wildly exciting to play. Try it out yourself to see what we mean.

Total Overdrive is a good slot for many gamblers. If you want simple gameplay, this is your game. If you want a chance at exciting wins, you have that to look forward to as well. It's one of our favorite 3-reel slot games and should be a good option for anyone that doesn't need to have bonus rounds to have fun.