Capt. Quid's Treasure Quest Slots

Captain Quid greets you with a skull and crossbones logo, the kind of logo you'd see on any temporary, or permanent tattoo or pirate-themed cartoon logo today, but if you think of the menacing message behind such a symbol, it's funny how normalized it is for us and light-hearted most of us see it. Pirates were just criminals and murders, but they were also adventurers, who lived a free life that almost none of us can imagine or understand. Not unless you're an alcoholic who spends his life sailing and stealing from port to port. Regardless, you can't go wrong with a pirate-themed slot. So pour yourself a shot of rum and dive into the pirate ship adventure, go from island to island exploring the world and looking for buried treasure!

Game Features and General Synopsis

Captain Quid's Treasure Quest is all about pirates and exploring the deep blue sea for buried treasures. This pirate slot is brought to us by IGT, who I am growing to trust more with each slot I play from them. This game is a 5x3 grid and features 15 pay lines. This game has two extra bonuses - the hunt and the treasure quest feature! I've certainly wasted time on slots with only one bonus feature, so this is really quite good. This has an average payback and will appeal to players who might have an affinity for pirates or pirate-themed games. This game features free spins, a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a bonus game, a multiplier. There isn't a jackpot or autoplay option, so if you're looking for those particular features you might be disappointed, but if you don't mind, you'll love this slot. This game has a maximum coin lot of 7500 per spin. The top payout is a generous 10,000 times your line bet!

Gameplay and Bet Size

This game will appeal mostly to low rollers and gamblers on a budget. Most of IGT's slots seem to have pretty large maximum wagers, but this game requires a coin size of 1.00$ with a maximum bet of 75 dollars. This game has a possible jackpot of 8,000 coins! This game is available for mobile users and or desktop users. This pirate booty-based game has many symbols, including the Ace, King, Jack, and Queen, plus 9 and 10. Other symbols include the Captain Quid Logo, Captain Quid himself, a skull, the pirate ship, the treasure quest bonus symbol, the compass, and the pirates

Appearance and Sound Effects

This board is played against the side of a pirate ship, you can see everything from the rope that holds the sails up to the ledge of the ship! Each symbol on this board is done up in a colorful and cartoonish display. On the side of the screen, you can adjust and customize this game. You can pull up the game rules, and also pull up the paytable which will show you the value of every grid's symbol, plus turn the pirate audio on or off. I liked the audio sound effects and music this game offered, but I have a strong pirate fantasy going on in my head sometimes, so it could just be me!

Wilds and Scatters and More

Captain Quid himself is the wild symbol and pays out 50,000 coins when you land 5 identical ones on a single line. The Treasure Quest Bonus symbol serves as the game scatters, and this can award multipliers for up to x15 free spins. The Captain's Quid logo is one of the higher-paying symbols. There are other decently paying symbols besides the wild and scatter. One of them is the single male pirate symbol, worth 1000 coins. Another valuable symbol is the pirate ship which is worth as much as 500 coins, another 500 coin symbol is the pirate symbol (pirates plural, I'm guessing the crew) and the compass is also 500 coins. The less valuable symbols are the poker symbols, of course, the Ace and King are worth about 250 coins, and the J and 10 are the lower-paying symbols, at about 150 coins.

Bonus Rounds

This game's bonus round is triggered by the scatter symbol, which in this case is the Treasure Chest. When the treasure chest appears on the reels, the players go on a treasure hunt. The user is shown a pirates map of various islands, and it's your job to travel across this map. Each island within this map is marked with the X's and the player must choose a few of the X's to reveal multipliers and free spin rounds. All plays are multiplied by the bonus multiplier, except for the top award which is wild, wild, wild!

Multiple Bonus Rounds?

At the end of the round, the player's prize is totaled and the free spins are awarded. This is a little different than your classic free spins bonus. This Treasure Quest bonus allows you to build up the number of free spins, plus the size of the multipliers will be more than pleasant during the Free Spins bonus. You can start this bonus round off with two free spins, and x1 bonus multiplier, and a pick count of five. it's possible to win up to 40 free spins during these features, with a generous x10 multiplier! When you earn the Treasure Quest bonus with five or four Treasure Quest Bonus symbols, this will increase the number of advance arrows and extra picks available to the player.

The Ultimate Question Is This Would I Play This Game Again?

I think if you don't like pirates or cartoonish graphics you might be completely turned off by this slot. It offers pretty average to good payouts and game features. It offers familiar bonuses in unique ways, such as the scatter wins feature. This game won't be pleasing to high rollers, but honestly, I don't think this theme would be appealing to high rollers. Wealthy and elite gamblers would hardly relate to this theme, but your average man or woman will relate to wanting to be a pirate! After all, pirates were the original punk rockers. I would definitely play this game because I would prefer to play with lower amounts anyways, I can't afford some of the more expensive slots IGT usually offers it's the audience. I've grown more comfortable with their company, and they do usually make reliable games, it's just a matter of sometimes they're definitely designed to cater to higher rollers apart from this game thus far.

General Summary

Overall, this game features bonus rounds, wilds, scatters. In the version, I played there was no random jackpot, but that doesn't take away from the charm or quality of this slot. It's a bright, colorful, and cheerful slot with the fun pirate theme that brings out the immature inner child in us all, after all, who didn't play pirates as a kid? They almost don't seem real to many of us! So take this opportunity to hunt for some buried treasure for a living, plunder the seas searching for meaning and a large treasure chest of gold doubloons - just hope they aren't cursed and a mermaid doesn't drag you to your death!