Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra is one of the most infamous seductresses and beauties in all of history. She is a symbol of beauty, glamour, and power. To this day, the woman's submissive role in society is often still placed upon us, but even in ancient times there were stand out women, and this woman has impacted all of history, making Cleopatra, the story of her seduction of Ceasar to get troops to protect Egypt, and well as her seduction of Anthony has been told and retold countless times, including in the form of gambling games, virtual casino slots, and physical slot machines. With that, it takes a lot of stands out amongst the crowd. Virtual video slot creators often turn to ancient societies and Egypt for a vast number of reasons, so you're likely asking yourself, why would I play this game over others? Well, after playing this slot myself I found more than a few reasons the Cleopatra Slot Machine is worth it!

Beautiful Graphics, Background and, Grid and Sound Effects

From the moment you pull this slot up, the queen's power shines through. The traditional 5x3 grid is placed against a colorful background, with shades of magenta and lavender saturated together like a colorful design you might paint your room with. Towards the button you see the pillars and ancient architecture of another era, placing you firmly in another more mysterious, and deadly time. The sound effects on this board are out of this world, it comes with traditional Egyptian drum sounds during your spins, as well as automated voices and "win" music, which includes Egyptian flute songs and the seductive and powerful voice of Cleopatra as she calls out your wins. It didn't take long for me to get a "twice is nice" score and win 10 dollars! Literally within my first couple spins, which I liked. This game was developed by the company IGT. It's easily formatted and simple to decode for the less experienced virtual slot user. You can open up the paytable, look at the game rules or turn the auto on and off by using the blue buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.

Betting, Symbols, and More

The number of lines you're playing is located at the bottom left corner of the screen, and the maximum number of lines you can play is 20. You can use the arrows to turn each line on or off depending on your betting preference. This game also has a wide range in terms of the amount of money you can bet. You can play anywhere from a merge 5 cents per line, to a total of 10 dollars per line. Basic math will tell you that means you can bet 100 dollars per game! This is perfect for high rollers who love slots, as often slots seemed to be aimed more at low rollers and folks who only want to bet mere pennies. You can customize your line bet at the bottom left corner of the screen and can use the arrows to increase or decrease your bet per line. Next to the bet per line button, it conveniently displays your total bet. The spin button is smack dab in the middle at the bottom of the screen. On the right side next to the spin button is the win window, and on the furthermost right is the balance button. Finally, in the corner, it is the blue auto spin button which is necessary for me as a slot player. This grid is on a golden wall, resembling an Egyptian tomb's riches and sacred golden rooms. Each symbol is crafted to perfection, including a golden pendant, a crook and flail, a lotus carving, Cleopatra herself, the Eye of Horus, a scarab, and a sphinx. IGT seemed to have done their homework in terms of the historical, mystical, and fascinating qualities of Egypt. This game also includes the typical poker symbols, 10, 9, jack, king, ace, and queen as well. This is an animated slot, featuring flashing cartoon graphics that users will find pleasing, at least I did.

Even The Best Game Wouldn't Be Complete Without Bonus Features, and Cleopatra Is No Exception

Besides the stunning graphics and wide betting range, the Cleopatra slot gives its gamers the ability to trigger free spins! To accomplish this goal, you must trigger three or more of the Sphinx symbols. The glorious feline sphinx serves as the scatter symbol on this board, and if you are lucky enough to trigger 15 free spins, you can continue to trigger more free spins because it allows you to trigger more scatters during your first 15 free games, and this goes on until you've maxed out for 180 free spins, which is, to be frank, a huge number of free spins. Plus imagine what else you could do with during these 180 free spins! This seems like a great way to win spins. Remember, to trigger this you have to get the sphinx symbols on the 3rd, 4th or 5th reels. During these free spin rounds, all your winnings are massively triggered except for triggering five Cleopatras, which as you can guess, the Cleopatra is the wild symbol ins this game. The line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line as well as the regular reels. The highest winning line is paid on each line. These winning symbols must be won on a played line and it has to start from the first reel on the left.

The Wild Symbol

As I mentioned above, the Cleopatra symbol is the wild so is the most valuable symbol within the whole board. It can automatically complete any missing symbols required for a line win. As you know, with slots the goal is to score anywhere from 3-5 identical symbols to score a win. Five of a kind is a jackpot payout of 10,000 credits. If she appears in a winning line will double the value of the line win.

Summary Of Cleopatra's Slots

If you love Cleopatra, Egypt and great payouts this game will be more than valuable to you. Compared to other Cleopatra slots, this was a pretty exceptional slot, with my favorite features being the wide betting range, the scatter bonus rounds, and free spins, plus the actual symbolism and historical accuracy within this grid is delightful! While this isn't the most original slot concept, it's one of the more fun ones. When I head to a casino, I can see myself being drawn to the Cleopatra slots, and that's the same for the virtual slots. I also can't forget about the soundtrack, and sound effects, because sometimes the music on these sort of boards is usually less than stellar, cheaply made, or sounds like it's just some royalty-free stock music, but that's not the case in this situation, because this board is an exception. Everything from the winning sound effects, the voice acting, and the classical Egyptian music had me enjoying the experience of playing. We all play to win on these sorts of games, but may as well pick something that's also fun to play while you try to win!