Elvis the King Slots

Elvis - what is there to say? He's one of the only pop-culture figures easily identifiable by his first name, and an absolute legend in Viva Las Vegas. The loading screen features nostalgic real-life pictures of the King of Rock n Roll. Elvis should also be named the King of Vegas and Vegas is the home state of gambling, so attaching his face to online virtual slots was a brilliant idea, and without a doubt, it'll attract many gamblers and lovers of Elvis Presley. He represents the glamour of Vegas well, and for that reason, I was immediately drawn to this slot. This game is jam-packed and even includes three bonus rounds! What more could you ask for really? Elvis and great bonuses? Sign this slot lover up!

Layout, and Gameplay, Lines, and Betting

This game is made by the software company IGT, and the first thing you might notice about these slots is the layout is an easy-to-use, typical online slot. This slot is very similar to the Elvis The King Lives slot but isn't the same. It still features a unique design. Elvis is a musical hero though, so I do understand why it's laid out in such a unique way. Each symbol does its job of taking you straight back to the 50s when Elvis was in his prime. This game is played on a 50s jukebox with old Americana aesthetics and colors - red, yellow, blue, silver, small amounts of purple even. Every navigation option is available towards the bottom of the board. In the left lower corner is the coins window, besides that is the coin value, towards the middle of the lower bar is the player's total bet. In the middle of the board is a yellow manual spin button! Now on the right side of the board, we have our winnings window, which one should keep a firm eye on, our balance - another essential window to pay attention to and an auto spin feature - which I need because I am one of the most impatient slot players you'll probably ever meet. It has a pretty varying coin size, with options like $1.60, $1.20, $0.80, $0.40. On the version I'm playing, it says there are as many as 25 lines to be played - giving this game a wide range. You can bet as much as 200 bucks per game on this Rock N Roll-themed slot featuring one of America's most beloved cultural figures. Use the arrows on the jukebox to customize your gameplay and you're on your way to this music-lovers paradise slot experience!

Symbols and Display

Each symbol seems to be based on a popular Elvis song, Elvis symbol, or Elvis himself, and features symbolism that goes along with him that almost anyone would know. You don't have to be a super fan to understand these references, and most of them will be familiar to your average Joe, jane, or Elvis fan. It features a broken heart, an Elvis poker chip, a gold record, a guitar, a Las Vegas logo, snapshots of Elvis, sunglasses, and his traditional white jacket. A couple of these symbols might just be song references if you truly have any knowledge of his musical catalog.

Wild Reels in This Burning Love Feature

No good virtual slot is complete without some fantastic wilds! This game features Burning Love Mystery Wild reels, which randomly adds 1-3 Wild reels at random! It comes up pretty much at any time during the normal game but is more likely to show up frequently while using any of the bonus features.

Three Bonus Rounds

Now here's a unique feature not often found in every slot - this game includes three bonus rounds triggered similarly When you strike a win and land three bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 you'll be taken to a new scene with several gold records. You have to pick one record to reveal which bonus will be rewarded. There are two free spins bonuses, and one pick 'em bonus! All of them are about equally as rewarding, but it's still unique within itself there are three triggered the same way, and the gold records were a nice touch, too!

First Bonus Round

One of the free spins bonus rounds can reward users 8 spins, with either tumbling reels or a roaming wild reel. The tumbling reels were fun and I enjoyed the animation quality. Blocks on winning lines explode and new ones take their place. The roaming wild in the jukebox floats around between spins then lands on whatever reel. The great thing about this bonus is you can even create extra winning lines this way.

Viva Las Vegas Bonus Feature and Roaming Wild feature

Since Elvis himself coined this phrase, he should have a Viva Las Vegas bonus. When you trigger this, you can win initially 6 free spins, which can turn into the Roaming Wild feature. During every spin, the reels spell out wild vertically. This gives you a higher chance of scoring winning combinations. While playing this fun bonus round, you collect the poker chip symbol, 2, 3, or 4 of them will give you 2, 3, or 4 free spins. If you get five free spins, you might get a jackpot that also gives you 1000 times your bet amount! Here's to hoping you bet big if you triggered this feature.

I've Been So Lonely Baby, I Checked In To Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel isn't just an iconic song in this game but is also the name and theme of one of the three awesome bonuses. This is what you would call a pick 'em bonus and brings you to the animation of an elevator within an actual hotel titled Heartbreak Hotel. You ride this virtual elevator up the floors throughout this game and pick a door. The doors will reveal either prizes or broken hearts (so sad!) the higher you climb in this luxurious and icon hotel, the harder it gets to win. Regardless, if luck is on your side during this elevator ride, you might find yourself cashing out big.

Three Bonus Games and a Jackpot, Would I Play This Again Though?

The answer to this is yes. Slot fans without any love or respect for Elvis might not care, but I think most gamblers who've spent a little time in Vegas will appreciate the nostalgia, theme, time, and creative effort put into this slot. Besides, not every slot features 3 bonus games that offer different rewards, but are triggered the same way? At least in my experience in playing these sorts of games, I thought this had some definite stand-out features. In truth, there are technically more than 3 bonuses, plus the chance to even win a jackpot on top of that. Lovers of the king will appreciate the animation, song references, and design that's worked into every single feature in this slot. I definitely wouldn't mind checking into a heartbreak hotel and staying there a long while, I deserve a vacation away from it all - and so do you! Whether Elvis is still alive or not, he's alive within this creatively designed video slot. Thanks, IGT!