Enchanted Unicorn Slots

Remember a time when you knew the impossible was possible? When fairytales might be real, unicorns, fairies, gnomes, and other fantasy lore might be possible? I know when I was a kid, I used to imagine fairies flying from the trees in my backyard. I also had a unicorn painting, so this sort of slot just brings me back to my happiest place. There are princes, damsels in distress, magical mushrooms, and everything your fairytale mind could ever want! The home page is an enchanted unicorn, with gorgeous art displaying the most precious of details against a dark enchanted forest background. I think this is still a less common slot theme compared to some historically themed slots, or sports-themed slots, plus this theme is really broad and appealing to people of all types - perhaps folks who don't usually play virtual video slots, or folks who feel left out in regards to the male-centric themes many slots offer the user.

The Unicorn Slot Has The Best Aesthetics

This slot may be one of the only slots I've ever played that matched and brought out an aspect of my personality. Girly girls or unicorn lovers rejoice (male or female, I don't discriminate). This board rests on a plain but effective navy blue background and features a wide variety of majestic and magical symbolism. This is a traditional 3x5 slot and features old-school and classic graphics, with the standout icons of an enchanted unicorn, a mulberry, a damsel in distress, a pine cone, a rose, a moon, a mushroom, a prince! It doesn't stop there, there's also a treasure chest, a lion, and an acorn! I know what you are thinking - that's a lot of symbols - and you'd be right! Each one is artfully designed and is visual eye candy. On the bottom left corner of the play screen is a game options button, where you can customize your experience. Towards the middle of the board, there are three black windows, one displays your credit, your wins, and your bet. They are all located in the middle of the board on the bottom. Finally, on the furthermost right side is a volume button to turn down or up the sound effects and music, as well as another bet button, this time with green letters. This game was easy to navigate, and despite its classic yet somewhat older appearance, it was easy to navigate with little to no bugs, errors, or anything of the kind. I'm not as experienced with games by the company IGT, but so far so good! This seems like a reliable software company that's been around the block a few times.

Betting Options

One of the most important aspects of a slot is its betting range. This game has twenty pay lines, and a wide range - and I mean wide. Whether you play 0.01 cents per line or 5 dollars per line, this slot hardly discriminates in terms of wins. Of course - the golden rule of gambling is the more you bet, the more you can win, but it's great that they let you bet and win regardless of income or budget. There is a maximum bet of a whole 500$ per game, which is insane and great for high rollers unicorn lovers.

Unicorns Make The World Go Wilds

The craziest thing about this slot is there is an expanding wild feature, in this game you can trigger an entire reel of wild symbols, I haven't played as many slots with expanding wilds, so this was a new feature for me to explore. I've noticed this awesome feature can lead to some generous and rewarding big wins. Imagine if you are lucky enough to get two or three reels stacked with expanding wilds - you won't have to go to work for at least a few weeks depending on your bet! I'm not sure if the unicorn is a standard slot theme or not - I'm sure this isn't the first enchanted forest/unicorn-themed slot I've played, but this is the only slot I've played that includes the expanding wilds feature. In technical terms, this slot is high variance, which means while the wins aren't constant, the wins are super rewarding when triggered.

Lovely Moon, Rewarding Moon So Bright, Bring Me Lots Of Scatters Tonight

First off, the combination of a moon and unicorn is my entire personality, secondly. if you land three, four, or five moon symbols you will enable the Treasure Chest picking bonus. While most games, the scatter symbol (Which if you couldn't tell, is the gorgeous moon symbol) would give you free spins, the Treasure Chest symbol is worthwhile. This feature is only triggered if you score a treasure chest on reels 1 and 5. You'll see five rows of boxes with hidden symbols beneath each box. You must select a box from the first row to reveal a prize. If you manage to select a unicorn symbol, it'll give you all prizes from that row. You move up the five rows, continuing to select. Each row will lead to bigger prizes until you reach the last row, with the top prizes. The way to lose this game is to trigger a joker symbol because that will end the round. However, you do get to open the treasure chest to collect one more bonus prize to add to your prize collection before the game is over. If you can make it to the top row, you might just select the top treasure chest, which rewards the ultimate prize that holds the most value.

Game Summary

Some more traditional macho-males might not be fond of the unicorn theme, but might still be drawn to this slot purely for the rewards, expanding wilds, and high roller betting for a slot game. I'm a low roller, so it doesn't usually matter as much to me - I'm more looking for a fun experience with a great theme, fun sound effects, and graphics. I'm looking for something relatable, that will give me an escape from my everyday mundane reality. I would say this slot did delivery on that! This is an IGT classic for good reason. I preferred the unique treasure game to the usual free spins rounds, it felt like it gave me fair options and a chance to win some pretty decent rewards. I loved the animation and general look of these slots - it was creative and you can tell the creators put time and effort into every detail of this glorious board. The expanding wilds is a selling point - I'm used to one, maybe two wilds on my slots, but the fact you can trigger literally rows of wilds is insane. Of course, some of the spinnings can be pretty conservative until you trigger a winning combination, but I would rather win big, rather than win small a lot and end up betting. most of it away regardless. I would recommend this slot especially to those looking for big rewards for a big bet - especially considering folks usually reserve their big bet's for poker or blackjack. Sometimes, I find it can be just as fun to win big on a virtual slot machine.