Super Sweets Slots

Super Sweets is a slot game equivalent of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. It's a look into a mystical and highly futuristic candy factory with all sorts of lovely candies. The game has impressive graphics and a decent mix of features as well. Of course, it isn't perfect, but what slot is it? We decided to look closely at this game and to create a full review of our experience with it below. See more to find out if it's a fit for you or not.

Made by BetSoft

Most gamblers have heard of BetSoft. It's a leading software company that's known around the world. The company specializes in slots and offers a wide range of games in different themes. Joining a casino with Super Sweets gives gamblers access to hundreds of other games from this developer.

A Modern Slot

This modern slot game is a video slot complete with exciting features. There are morphing symbols, wilds, re-spins, free spins, and more. The game moves quickly, and the only modern feature it's missing is progressive jackpots.

A Candy Factory in Slot Form

Head straight into a fantastic futuristic candy factory that comes with all the best treats in Super Sweets the slot game. This game features nicely designed symbols, cool canister-style reels, and a lovely backdrop that feels like something out of a fantasy film. We love the look and theme of this game, and it stands apart from many other candy slots we've played in the past.

10 Fixed Paylines

This slot is played over ten paylines that are always turned on. Each wager you place is actually on ten separate lines, which means you have ten chances of winning with each spin you complete. This setup gives you a balanced wagering experience with good opportunities to win prizes and to have fun with this game.

Just Okay Wagering

The wagering in this slot is essential and can be adjusted with minus and plus arrows. This is perfect for new players that want something simple to work with. The downside to the wagering in this game is that it isn't all that flexible. The minimum wager amount of $0.10 is low enough to be comfortable for most players. The maximum of $10.00 might not be enough for everyone, though, and will scare off the high rollers. Not only that, but there are limited wager options between the low and high bet limits, which means you might not be able to play at your preferred amount.

Enjoy Autospins

Some gamblers prefer using autoplay instead of pressing the spin button again and again. If this is you, you'll be glad to hear that this game has a simple autoplay feature you can activate at any time. Press the button, choose between 5 and 100 spins, and let the game go. It handles the spins for you, and you watch and relax.

A Low Value Table

The paytable of this slot is uninspiring overall. The top prize payouts for this game are pretty low and will leave you feeling like you don't have much to play for. This slot pays out frequently, though, and you'll enjoy access to regular wins even if they aren't large.

Double Up Your Wins

Any win you achieve can be bet for a chance to double it. Decide if you would like to gamble your winnings and play with 50% or all of the amount for a chance to win even more. This feature adds to the experience of the game but can cost you your wins as well, so be careful!

Sticky Wilds Lead to More Wins

This game has special sticky wild symbols that lock in place for multiple spins. These special symbols will stick to the reels for another round and remain in place if more show up. The wilds can pile up and unlock some impressive prize wins with just a bit of luck on your side. Every sticky wild is worth a re-spin, and you can get a load of them in some cases.

Transforming Candies

There is a special transforming candy symbol that appears and morphs into either golden tickets or sticky wilds. Either way, these special symbols lead to helpful perks that can improve your game and your chance of winning as you play.

Golden Ticket Free Spins

Three or more golden tickets start up the free spin round. In this round, you get five free spins to start with, and the golden tickets change into sticky wild symbols that stay in place for the duration of the round. If you get good positions for your wilds, you can win many prize combinations throughout these rounds. It's also important to note that any sticky wilds that show up during the round give you a re-spin to keep the fun going even longer.

Demo this Game

Not sure if you'll like this slot? No worries, you can try it free! This game and many other BetSoft slots are available in Demo mode. The game runs the same as it does when wagering with real money while in Demo mode. The only change is that you are playing with a play balance and can't win any real money. This lets you get familiar with the slot and all its features. Test the game in this mode first and then change it to real play when you feel like it.

Swap to Real Money Play Fast

The moment you're ready to play this slot with your casino balance, you can open it in real play mode and start playing. Just choose standard play when you select the slot, and you'll be using your casino balance. From there, you can choose a wager amount you're comfortable with and start playing.

Small but Regular Wins

Big wins are rare with this slot game and mostly come from combinations earned from sticky wild re-spins or the free spin bonus round. Most of the time, the wins are small, but they occur very regularly. If you want to become rich from a single spin, this isn't the right game. If you want to win regularly, you can have fun here.

An Okay Value Slot

With an RTP or return value of around 95%, this slot is decent for players that care about their chances of winning. It offers odds that compete with many leading slots. It falls short of some other games, though, and certainly isn't the best value available today. Still, the game is fun, and it can be lucrative for lucky gamblers.

Rating Super Sweets Slot

We test-played this game for hundreds of spins, and during that time, we came to a decision about the rating it deserves. We decided to give this game a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. It's fun, pays regularly, and has some cool bonus features, but it doesn't have the wow factor that other games have. We wish the prize payouts were larger. We also wish the slot came loaded with more bonus features to keep things moving along a bit more. Other than those simple gripes, the game is entertaining and something you should look into.

Built for Mobile

Mobile wagering is a way to take your favorite slot with you wherever you are. This game supports most mobile devices, and it runs smoothly on small and large screens alike. Whether you open it on an Android or iOS device, or you play on a computer, the game plays the same. You can play in any location you like as long as the internet connection is reliable, which is good news for players that don't like being stuck in one area while they play.

If you like winning often, you'll enjoy Super Sweets slot. We love the candy theme of the game and the cool morphing symbols that add a dynamic feel to this slot. We don't love the small prizes and other lacking features. Test it for yourself, and you'll quickly see what makes this slot stand out to you.